There’s a negative influence within the society, about the perception of someone wanting to pursue their own life and fulfill their own person. We are being projected that it is wrong, that we are supposed to be giving our lives over to others. We were taught this by someone who wanted to use our resources for their own purposes.

Alongside with Spirit, Tom decompresses and expands that energy, so we can be protective of our own time and energy, and live in alignment with the purpose that Spirit is creating us.

Listen to Tom and speak along, adding your voice with his. May not work on all devices.

Today, my experience anyway, is rather intense. I am not surprised at that, based upon what we’re going to be addressing here.  

What Spirit seems to be doing – and this wasn’t by design, at least not my design – is building upon the last two sessions that we have done.  

The last two weekends have had to do with saying No, the first one was saying No to the external authorities, and then also embracing the whole concept, the consciousness of prosperity, in order to do that, saying No to the consciousness of indebtedness.

We’re going to be building upon that today, because there’s an aspect of this that wasn’t quite, apparently wasn’t quite completed with the other two,

and it has to do with the imposed guilt and shame that is projected onto people who actually want to pursue their own life and fulfill their own person, and have pleasure in their life,

and there’s a negative influence within the society, that says somehow that is wrong, that we are supposed to be giving our lives over to others. 

Well, I’ll tell you what. Giving your life over to someone else is going to fulfill their dream, and it’s going to leave you enslaved. 

That’s what we’re dealing with today, is this whole concept of the status quo being “We are supposed to be selfless, we are supposed to be serving others”. 

Well, okay, you can only serve others for so long without it creating a total detriment to your own being. 

Even the airlines tell you this, “If the oxygen mask comes down, put it on yourself first, and then you can help someone else”.  

So it’s out of your own prosperity that you can help others. If you help others to your own detriment then what ends up happening is that you just become part of the problem, instead of part of the solution.

This other thing that I wanted to mention here, I want to introduce the concept that may be new to some people.  

Everyone understands that there are energy vampires, that people suck energy out of people. But there’s also energy viruses.  

There are people who act as a virus and they literally pirate your resources away from you to bring them into alignment with their own purposes, the fulfillment of their own purposes, 

and so you end up to the detriment of yourself wasting the resources that you have been provided by Spirit to fulfill your own purpose. 

Those resources have been taken over and you are now utilizing them to fulfill someone else’s – the creation of someone else’s empire.  

And it’s always an ego-based thing. These people who are viruses, they are not acting in accordance with expansion-oriented principles. It’s all fear-based accumulation for self, and self-serving.

And of course what they end up doing is they end up accusing those of us who want to focus on the fulfillment of our own purpose for existing, to focus on the manifestation of Spirit’s purpose for us being here, they actually accuse us of being like them. 

And because we have a conscience and because we are concerned about the way we’re actually doing things, we pay too much attention to it.  

And so we have a good portion of this garbage that we’ve been told has been coming from supposed spiritual leaders. So we paid way too much attention to this.

So these people have been creating belief systems within our collective consciousness that it is not okay to service your own needs, that it is not okay, it’s like you have to become selfless.

Somehow it became this epitome of what it is to be a human being is to be selfless.  Well, I don’t believe that, not even for a second. I think there’s something very, very distinctly wrong with that. 

Because first of all, even if you care about someone to the highest level that is possible, you still care about them because it’s your self that is doing it.  

You cannot possibly be selfless. You wouldn’t even be motivated to do it unless you felt the need inside of yourself to care about them to begin with.

Anyway this whole misconception of reality has been imposed upon those of us who are conscious entities, by those people who are acting as viruses in order to abscond with our resources and our energies to be utilized to the fulfillment of their ego-based desires.

It’s time to put an end to this. 

The guilt and the shame that is associated with the accusations of being self-centered by these people when they’re the ones that are actually being self-serving and we’ve absorbed all of this energy into us.

It’s a common thing within our society, within our culture, within our religions to be this selfless individual. Well, who taught us to do that, except someone who wanted to use our resources for their own purposes.

That’s what we’re going to stop today. We’re not going to buy into this anymore. 

And one of the things that has to do with this is being protective of your own time; being protective, not only of your money, but being protective of your time. 

A lot of us don’t spend enough time with Spirit. A lot of us are so busy, and there’s so many demands placed upon our energy and our time, 

that, instead of spending time with Spirit, and actually living in accordance with the alignment with Spirit, and then allowing Spirit to guide us, we get so wrapped up in the details of taking care of everyone else, that again, this is what it is. 

This is the manifestation of the virus impact that is going on within our societies. We’re just all wrapped up in everybody else, to the fulfillment of their ego-based needs.

Because it’s the ego-based people who are whining and complaining and demanding that you spend your time with them, to the detriment of yourself.  

Because if they weren’t ego-based, if they weren’t fear-based, if they weren’t the virus programmed kind of people, they wouldn’t be doing it.

So, we need to just put a halt to it, say No to this. We’re not going to do this anymore, Spirit. 

So now we’re jumping into the Awakened Expansion Protocol to get rid of all of this contractile energy that’s associated with this kind of experience in our lives.  I know I had it – a lot of it.  

I imagine that everybody here has experienced this to some degree or another. So thanks for being here to help get rid of it.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit please show me all of this contractile energy associated with the viral pirating of my own resources and my own energy to service the ego-based, fear-based,

desires and needs of others at the detriment of myself, at the detriment of fulfilling Your purpose for my life. 

All of the shame and the guilt that was imposed upon us, that was imposed upon me, that made me think it was a good idea, that somehow made me feel like I was doing something wrong if I was actually taking care of my own needs.

All of the guilt and shame and judgment and condemnation that was projected at me by members of the society, by virus-acting individuals, 

by virus-acting organizations and institutions, who basically, their motive was to pirate all of my resources and my energies to service the needs of their own personal egos.

Enough. Please show me all this contractile energy that was projected at me, and that I absorbed into my being, that out of fear of not fitting in and being rejected, 

and evicted from society that I actually absorbed it into my being and I took it on and I became part of the problem.

Spirit please show me all the contractile energy that because of my participation in this, I projected out at others and carried on the abusive cycle.  

Spirit please show me all of the contractile energy that is part of this syndrome, that I have experienced throughout all of this lifetime, and throughout all of my lifetimes, 

that has been passed down to me through the distorted energies of the genetic lineage of my ancestors.

Diagram showing the 7 Concentric Resonant Bands™ superimposed top down on the body

Spirit please show me on all levels of awareness, all of the contractile energies that occurs within and around my Central Core Chamber, within my 7 Concentric Bands, within all aspects of my Chakra System,

within my physical and all of my energy bodies and all that energy that I am carrying around with me, within my personal environmental space, 

as well as all the energy that is currently and actively being projected and imposed upon me by external environmental sources. 

Spirit please show me all of this contractile energy. Show it to me now as a holographic image in front of me.”

So now it’s absolutely critical that you focus your awareness, your perception of reality into the space in front of you. Whatever your perception is, doesn’t matter. 

You don’t need to see anything.  Some people might, but maybe all you do is feel something. But some people don’t feel or see. They just know.  

Whatever your perceptual awareness is, doesn’t matter. It’s according to your giftedness, okay, your spiritual giftedness of awareness.

So whatever it is that you’re aware of, of this that’s going on in this space in front of you, Spirit did exactly what you asked, fulfilled the request that you made,

and all of that energy is right there in front of you in a holographic image of contractile energy. So just perceive what it is and then we’ll move forward.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit I acknowledge all of this contractile energy. Thank You for bringing it to my attention and my conscious awareness. I accept and embrace my full accountability for all of this energy.  

Spirit it is my freewill decision to decompress and expand all of it. Please do this for me now.”

So now when you refocus your awareness, your intention, your perception into the space in front of you, you may notice that some of that energy is gone, it’s not the same as it was before.

But if you don’t that’s okay, because the amount of energy that is here largely is not yours. Mostly it’s other people’s. And Spirit can’t do what you asked to other people’s energy, because you don’t have the authority to ask it.

So all of this energy that’s still here within this holographic image, is not your energy. So now we’re going to get rid of that.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit I acknowledge all of the remaining contractile energy. I acknowledge it as other people’s energy.  Because if it were mine I would have the authority and you would have decompressed and expanded it already and it’s still here.

So therefore it can’t be mine, and I cannot possibly have authority or accountability for this energy.

It is my freewill decision to stop pretending to be responsible for it. So Spirit I’m going to give it all to You.”

Go ahead and grab this energy that’s right in front of you and just lift it out away from you and hand it over to Spirit.

Speak along with Tom:

“Here Spirit take all of this energy from me now. It’s not mine, I’m not willing to carry it around with me anymore. I’m no longer willing to authorize its presence within my space or anywhere within my body. 

So please disperse it out into the ALL THAT IS at its own level of buoyancy to the fulfillment of Your purpose, as is Your intention.  Thank You Spirit.”

Now focusing back into the space in front of you. Now it’s quite different. The volume of garbage that is there now is quite a bit less than what was there before. 

So now you can see how much of other people’s garbage you were carrying around with you. Totally unnecessary, and Spirit knows what to do with it.  

(There’s) absolutely no problem handing it over to Spirit, because obviously you couldn’t do anything positive with it because otherwise it would have been gone the first time.

What’s left now, is the energy of your own contractile energy that was holding onto all of everyone else’s garbage. That’s what we’re going to deal with next.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit I acknowledge all of my contractile energy that remains. I am no longer willing to hold onto other people’s garbage. It is my freewill decision to decompress and expand all of this energy as well. Please do this for me now.”

Instantly, if you check back into the holographic image, that energy is gone, because it’s no longer contractile, so it’s no longer part of the contractile holograph.

There is still some stuff here. The next level down is that garbage energy that was imposed and projected upon us, 

that we took into our beings and absorbed into us to validate and perceive the abusive nature that everyone was projecting onto us as being okay. 

We’re going to deal with all that stuff that we took into our own beings now, that’s other people’s energy.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit I acknowledge all of this contractile energy that I absorbed into my being from the projections of others to get me to feel ashamed and guilty,

because of the judgment and condemnation that they projected that somehow it’s not okay for me to take care of myself, 

that somehow it’s not okay for me to actually live in opulent prosperity, that somehow it’s not okay for me to achieve the fulfillment of the purpose for which you created me, 

and that instead I need to spend all of that energy and all those resources that You have given to me as Your legacy to me, that I’m supposed to spend it on them. 

Well, they have their own energy and their own resources that You’ve given them, and if they’re not going to use their own energy then why would they want me to spend my own energy on them? 

It doesn’t make any sense anymore.  I’m not willing to do it any longer. Everyone has enough energy to fulfill their own purpose. No one has to give away their energy and resources in order to help another person fulfill their purpose.

Let’s teach other people how to use their own energy instead of giving our own energy away. 

Spirit please take all of this energy that I absorbed into my being, from within and around my Central Core Chamber, from in between each of my 7 Concentric Bands,

from inside and outside of the Coronal Layer of my Higher Self Band, from everywhere within my Chakra System, 

from those energies that split me into right and left halves, front and back halves and top and bottom halves. Spirit I’m going to give all this energy to You.”

Okay, so go ahead just grab ahold of this structure. It’s very stable, all you have to do is lift it out of yourself and hand it over to Spirit.

Speak along with Tom:

“Here Spirit take all of this energy from me now. I’m no longer allowing space for it within my being.  

Take it all now please and disperse it out into the ALL THAT IS at its own level of buoyancy to the fulfillment of Your purpose as it is Your intention. Thank You Spirit.”

When you check back into the space in front of you now, it’s basically almost shimmering.

But there’s still garbage coming in from the outside. There are in fact several specific orientations of projection. Three. 

One coming in at five o’clock, seven o’clock, and ten o’clock. The energy of the churches, it’s coming in at ten o’clock. The energy of the governments is coming in at five o’clock, and the corporations is coming in at seven o’clock.

Basically this is the same motivation, no matter what. It doesn’t matter.  

It’s the vision, the perception that they have of each of us as members and as the group of the mass of the collective consciousness, it’s being viewed as a resource for the utilization of their benefit. 

The government doesn’t really want to help us, they just basically want us to pay them taxes to get the government bigger and bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger and stronger, more and more power.

The problems that exist within the government, within our lives, largely are there because the government wants them to be there, because otherwise they wouldn’t be there.  

The same thing is true of the corporations. The same thing is true of the other corporation, which is the churches.  

By the way, churches are corporations, just so that you know, in the business structure of their entity, they are a corporation, and it is about money.

Spirit, God is a commodity that they are promoting and selling. Sorry if that’s offensive to anybody, but you know what, it is offensive.  What they’re doing, it’s offensive.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit, we’re done with this. We’re not willing to tolerate it anymore. I’m not willing to tolerate it anymore. 

Spirit I acknowledge all of this contractile energy that’s being projected at me from these three specific orientations from these sources, external environmental sources and from everywhere within the collective consciousness that’s in support of this behavior.

I’m not willing to be eaten off of by viruses. I’m not willing to give my resources away any longer to fulfill someone else’s fear-based ego-driven needs. 

I have plenty to do that is massively constructive and productive and wonderful and fulfilling to myself and to others,

who I can help to become more of what they want to become if I used it for myself and then create other avenues of expression for others to align with. 

So that’s what I choose to do. And I’m no longer willing to allow this energy into my presence. It is my freewill decision to block all of this energy from reaching me and to spontaneously deflect it away from me. 

I request that You defend my right of freewill determination and do this for me, block this energy for me, deflect it away from me so that it doesn’t have any influence upon me any longer.

Throughout all of this lifetime, and throughout all of my lifetimes. Thank You Spirit.”

Now when we look into the holographic image, now that’s really quite different. There’s still a little bit left, not much. We want a clean sweep here. This is all of the contractile energy that’s left.

Anything and everything that was contractile inside of our being, no matter what the topic, that’s what were going to deal with next.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit I acknowledge all of my remaining contractile energy. It is my freewill decision to decompress and expand all of it. 

Please do this for me now so that all of my energy interacts, intermingles, interfaces actively, freely and intimately within itself and expands into the Creative Matrix of the Universe to provide me with a full and accurate perception of reality,

and to spontaneously bring about the full realization of my divine Birth Right Life Potential and the complete manifestation of your purpose for creating me.

Spirit please fill me with conscious awareness of expansion so that I may fully embrace and embody Your intention of Your purpose for which You are creating me.

Spirit please do all this for me now and throughout all of my lifetimes and extend this healing opportunity throughout all of the collective consciousness so that anybody who wishes to, 

can release themselves from the prison of acting according to these virus instructions so that they can turn their focus into something productive and become that which You created them to become, 

using their own resources for their own purposes, to fulfill Your purpose for their existence.

Spirit please do all of this for us now. Thank You.”

Yes, that feels a lot better.

Let’s go ahead and move into clearing of the emotional garbage that can now be released.

Speak along with Tom:

“I release Pessimistic and Immobilized / I am Congruent and In-Tune-With
I release Attacked and Bothered / I am Approachable and Choosing-To
I release Trapped and Picked-On / I am Jubilant and Amused
I release Excluded, Caving-In and Disbelief / I am Encompassed in Love and Compassion”

Okay, there’s someone who is attacking the whole of us, all of us. Not from this lifetime, from another lifetime. So I’m going to take care of that first before we do this.

1333 AD. This is one of the women who was active in murdering the witches, those people who were accused of being witches, I don’t even know how many.  

It’s just whoever someone didn’t like, whoever someone was threatened by, all they had to do was accuse them of being a witch. 

So, if there was a woman who was in fear of losing her husband to some other woman, all she had to do is say ‘This is a witch’ and ‘This woman’s bewitched my husband and blah, blah, blah’, and guess what, then she was gotten rid of. 

It’s that kind of a woman that we’re talking about here. It’s that energy. So:

You are now stripped of your anonymity. I see you for who you are. I acknowledge you for what you are, and your true motive.  

Get out of here and leave us alone. You are not invited, it’s none of your business. You don’t like what we’re doing, I don’t care.  Go, and don’t come back.

Okay. All right, continuing on here.

Speak along with Tom:

“I release Uncared-For and Unloved / I am Safe and Quiet
I release Incensed and Furious / I am Adequate and Receptive
I release Let-Down and Not-Heard / I am Daring and Motivated
I release Jealous and Competitive / I am Able-to-Respond and Cooperative”

All right, so that’s all we’re going to do with regards to the group portion of the Emotional release.

Wasn’t that amazing?

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