Tom’s Story

Rev Tom Hudson - Birth Rite Technology™Tom Hudson has passionately embraced a path of spiritual, emotional, physical health, and wellness throughout his life; living life as an adventure and pursuing his hearts desires, to achieve the potential of his “Divinely Ordained Birth Right Life.” Because of the great joy he’s found along his path, Tom is also passionate about providing others effective, viable, avenues by which they can also achieve the same blessings with which Divine Presence has graced him during his life.

Most recently, Tom has appeared on the Eram Saeed global teleseminar show, From Heartache to Joy. During his three visits to her show he presented to the global market two healing methodologies which he developed, “Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS™” guided meditation and “Open Into The Creative Matrix Of The Universe™.” Both of these newly developed tools can be found exclusively on this new website by clicking HERE.

God blessed me with a very thin skin

“God blessed me with a very thin skin. From an early age, I’ve experienced others’ pain at a very personal, often acute, level of awareness.” Yes, Tom Hudson is highly empathic; his skin is very thin. While growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah, within a “Jack” Mormon, pseudo-scientific, semi-intellectually philosophical family, he struggled with his experience and strong sense of others’ emotional pain and suffering.

Rejected for his awareness

Everyone rejected his awareness, being told that it was his own pain; mind your own business, were common replies to his caring for others. This was totally contradictory to his own experience and extremely confusing. So Tom began viewing this divine gift as a curse. Everyone he knew viewed it that way. Most of the significant people in his life considered Tom to be the pain in their neck/ass.

Tom now offers his gifts to Humanity

When he was in his early 40s, Tom finally realized that much of the pain he’d experienced was, in fact, actually the pain of others, and not his to own. He also realized the pain he experienced was not only emotional pain, but included others’ physical and spiritual pain as well. With the added confidence that came with this realization, he began using his awareness to help others resolve their pain, even that which they were not aware of themselves. Tom now offers his gift to humanity to alleviate and prevent further pain and suffering of others.

Difficult years through college and graduate school

While attending Colorado Mesa University, and studying biology, chemistry and anatomy, he also continued to suffer, overwhelmingly at times, with his inability to shut out the pain he sensed in others. During those years, he sometimes sought unhealthy ways to numb this sensitivity. He is grateful every day that those early, difficult years didn’t destroy his hope.

X-Ray Technology; Tom’s first career

Tom became an x-ray technologist and eventually a hospital department supervisor. His medical career lasted for 20 years, but throughout those years, he felt there was more he wanted to experience. He continued his studies in the biochemistry of metabolism and cellular biology through a PhD program at Colorado State University.

The energetic link connecting physical, emotional and spiritual states of being

The same awareness of sensitivity to others allowed Tom to see that science also has a spiritual component. He became interested in how our organic and energy bodies are affected by our life experiences, and how our physical, emotional, and biochemical response to our life experiences could, in turn, either help or hinder the flow of physical, emotional and spiritual states of being.

Embracing alternative healing as a profession

Tom visited the Myotherapy College of Utah one day to receive a promotional massage and learned of the amazing possibilities provided by alternative healthcare. He immediately enrolled as a student. During his education there he became a member of their faculty, teaching Anatomy & Physiology. Learning of the connection between musculoskeletal pain and energy flow as a part of his course work, he began to study more esoteric aspects of holistic healing, including:

  • neuromuscular and advanced myofascial release techniques,
  • polarity balancing and other forms of energy healing,
  • biokinesiology, Touch for Health and Brain Gym, and
  • other forms of neuroplastic healing.

The link between emotional implosion, physical pain, and PTSD

Tom will tell you that one of his most valuable experiences was the almost four years he spent in Holland, where he worked at the internationally known healing center, “de Hoff van Axen.” While there, he became certified in Haptonomie, a European energy / bodywork modality. During his time in Holland, he encountered delayed stress syndrome not only in all of his Dutch patients, who had lived through World War II, but also in their children. “I saw in the emotional cause of their physical pain and suffering, the possibility for healing on levels that staggered my imagination. I’ll never forget the euphoric shudders of energy that ran through my body during the ‘ah-ha’ moment of this realization.”

Diving head long into spiritual healing as a profession

Upon returning to the U.S., Tom felt he was being directed to fully integrate spirituality into his work with clients. He became a Reiki Master and completed a PhD program in Religion through the Universal Life Church, based in Modesto, California, and became an ordained minister in 1995. Though not accredited, this program met Tom’s desire to be inclusive of all religions.

The creation of Tom’s own powerful methods of healing

It was also during this time in Tom’s life that he continued developing his E.A.S.E.™ – Expression of Associative Stress Energies™ system of emotional stress release, studied Avatar, a form of energy manipulation, and created two other forms of energy healing; Contextual Healing™, and I.A.M. – Self-Acknowledgment Therapy™ using the power of Chakra cleansing. Energy healing and spiritual counseling has become the most important part of his work since then.

Healing is rooted in relationship with the Divine

Tom Hudson works respectfully within his clients’ religious beliefs and personal boundaries to provide a safe and trusting environment. He is extremely effective in sensing and helping to permanently “dissolve” the energy blocks that prevent his clients from moving beyond physical or spiritual pain, and who believes the healing sought is rooted in a Divine source.