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As young children, we were taught to be obedient and accept external authority as basically our boss. We were forced to deny our inner knowing, our inner authority, killing the motivation to pursue our Soul’s Purpose for which we exist.

With Spirit’s help, we become able to stand in our authority and the ability to say “No” to those things that we don’t want to do, so we can say “Yes” to those things we do want and that fulfill us. Come with us to embrace and embody this liberation!



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When we were two and three years old, at least almost all of us (I can’t say all of us, but I would assume most of us), we were taught to be obedient, 

instead of allowing us to develop our autonomy and become aware of and become used to the authority which is absolutely necessary in order for one to pursue the purpose for which they exist, 

we were taught to deny that authority and deny that inner knowing and to buckle under the pressure of social and peer group expectations.  

Lots of problems have occurred, and one of the main things that I want to point out is that all of the spiritual healers, leaders, teachers throughout history and all the great people, for that matter, who have impacted humanity, they’ve all followed a different drummer.  

They’ve all said No to the societal, religious, economic and cultural leaders of the day, in whatever they occurred in, and they all said No, we’re going to do it our way, we’re going to do it the way in which we’ve been guided by Spirit to pursue our calling, and to pursue our way of doing things.

Well, that’s what we’re here to do today, is to learn to say No.

I tell you one thing, I’ve spent one whole day liberating myself by saying No to everybody for everything; and it was absolutely amazing, it was incredibly liberating it was euphoric.

Because I grew up in a family where you didn’t say No, because if you said No, you were beaten. So I learned not to do that, I learned to be afraid of disagreeing. So this is one of the things that I’m passing on to everybody,

Spirit brought it to me to share it with you, is the liberation that comes with standing in the authority and the ability to say No to those things that you don’t want to do, which of course, leaves you wide open to saying Yes to those things that will guide you in the direction you actually want to go in.

Basically it’s the programming that we all went through, by our families and society to accept external authority as basically our boss. People became the boss of you.

And sometimes you may have heard “You’re not the boss of me”. That’s those brave, defiant individuals telling those people that this is what is really going on.  

I have a higher authority, and in fact Spirit is the only authority. There is no other authority. When it comes to who you are as an individual.  

Yes, there’s certain authorities that dictate behavior in society. But when it comes to you behaving and doing what it is that you came here to be and to do, and following the guidance, there is only one authority and that’s Spirit.

And when you experience this outflowing of Spirit through your divine chakra into you and beyond you, then you actually are engaging in the flowing of Spirit’s energy through you and beyond you and you’re actually exercising the ability to access this authority, because it’s in you.  

It’s inside of you. So you get to experience the authority of Spirit being inside of you.

It’s one of the reasons why I do this with everything that I do is I want people to experience the authority of Spirit inside of them. And now today we’re going to directly address the issue.

So again I’ll just share with you – it was my experience that I didn’t have the opportunity to disagree.  If I were to do such a thing I would be beaten, physically. And also abused emotionally and psychologically. It was not allowed to disagree.

This is not a healthy thing to do to a child, and I’m pretty sure that a good portion of those people here today have experienced something similar. I was raised up to be obedient, and I lost my voice, seriously lost my voice.

As an adult I went out into the woods with a group of people during a workshop one day to scream and yell in the woods because it seemed like a really good idea and just a way to let go of all of the stress and the tension from the workshop that we were engaged in. And I couldn’t.

Even out in the middle of the woods where there was no societal implication at all, and I was with a group of people who were all doing it, I couldn’t. I just cried. I bawled. And I was in my forties.  

So, I know what it is to be shut down on this level and I also know what it is to have let it go, and to no longer allow that to be dictated to me.  

It is unfortunate that the inability to say No, to things that we don’t want in our lives is the cause of so much pain, misery and suffering. And I wrote on the Facebook page, If you could say No to too much food, we could resolve obesity, at least that which is not associated with medical disorders, anyway.

Obesity would cease to exist, by saying No to too much food. By saying No to the mixture of carbohydrates, fat and sugar, we could get rid of diabetes. By saying No to alcohol, we could just totally obliterate alcoholism.

By saying No and having the ability to disagree with our peers, and say No to peer pressure, probably an infinite number of problems that you could imagine that we just wouldn’t have to deal with. Because peer pressure is one of those things that just takes people down paths that they really ought not to go down.

And saying No to the addiction of taking risks would get rid of gambling. Being able to actually disagree with and say No to the opposite sex would totally eliminate dominating relationships and minimize the divorce rate that is rampant in our societies.

Saying no to the government would deal with the loss of our civil rights. Keep in mind that the people who founded this nation said No. The people who founded American and wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights said No to the prevalent government of the time.

Saying No to rigid religious dogma would deal largely with idolatry. Saying No to advertising would get rid of retail therapy and credit card debt and diminish the amount of bankruptcy that’s going on.

The ability to say No to parents and societal pressure would regain your awareness of the purpose for which you exist.  

So that’s what we’re doing here, today. We’re getting rid of all the contractile energies that we’ve all experienced, that taught us that saying No was not okay.  

And frankly if this isn’t enough, if you want to clarify for yourself what it actually means to you, just imagine that your parents are standing right in front of you, and say “No, I’m not going to do that”.  

And all of that energy is right there. Right in front of you, right, ready to boil over.  That’s the energy that we’re talking about. That’s the energy that we’re going to get rid of.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit, please show me all of the contractile energy that I have experienced, that I have participated in, that I have been aware of, throughout all of this lifetime,

associated with suppressing my inner knowing and turning away from saying Yes to Spirit in order to say Yes to those people who were imposing their expectations upon me.  

I choose to say No, and I choose to address all of that contractile energy that makes me feel like saying No is not okay, that makes me feel like saying No to abuse will get me into big trouble.  

Please show me all this contractile energy that I’ve lived with, that I’ve had imposed upon me anywhere and everywhere within my life, where I knew I needed to say No, but I swallowed the word, out of fear of retribution, out of fear of persecution, out of fear of judgment and condemnation.  

Spirit, please show me all of these contractile energies that have been imposed upon me and projected at me and that I absorbed into my being, and all those energies that I projected out at others to propagate the distortion of reality because of my participation.

Spirit, please show me all of these contractile energies as I have experienced them throughout all of this life, and all of those energies that have been passed down to me within the corrupted, distorted energy patterns of my genetic lineage of my ancestors.

Diagram showing the 7 Concentric Resonant Bands™ superimposed top down on the body

Spirit, please make me aware on all levels of awareness, of all of this contractile energy, as it occurs within my Central Core Chamber, within my 7 Concentric Bands, within all aspects of my Chakra System, within my physical and all of my energy bodies, 

all of this contractile energy that I have allowed to accumulate within my personal environmental space, and all of the contractile fear-based, cursed energies that are currently and actively being projected at me by any and all external environmental sources.

Spirit, please show me all of these contractile energies now, as a holographic image in front of me.”

Now, it’s absolutely critical that at this point in time that you focus your awareness, your perception of reality into the space in front of you.

By doing this you will acknowledge on whatever level you’re aware, that this contractile energy has been placed there by Spirit, just as was requested. It’s all right there, so that we can address this.

And it’s absolutely necessary to acknowledge, on whatever levels of awareness you have, that it exists. Because otherwise you have no authority to move forward from here.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit, I acknowledge all of this contractile energy. Thank You for bringing it to my attention and my conscious awareness. I accept and embrace my full accountability for all of this energy. Spirit, it is my freewill decision to decompress and expand all of this energy.  Please do this for me now. Thank You, Spirit.”

So now, if you focus back into the space in front of you, you may notice that some of this energy has already gone. It may not be very much in comparison to the whole, the total, because the overwhelmingly majority of the energy that’s here is not yours. It’s someone else’s.

And Spirit can only do what you asked for your energy because you have authority over your energy, but you do not have authority over the state of other people’s energies. So that energy that is still here, that you’ve been carrying around with you, that’s other people’s stuff.  

Which is a good thing, because now we’re going to get rid of it.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit, I acknowledge all of this remaining contractile energy as other than mine, it does not come from me. I have no accountability for it because I obviously have no authority over it, or it would be gone already. So, I refuse to continue to take responsibility for that which I have no power over. So I’m giving it all to You, Spirit.”

Now just go ahead and grab by your intention, grab this energy that’s in front of you and hand it over to Spirit.

Speak along with Tom:

“Here, Spirit, take this. Take it from me now, from within me and from around me. It’s not mine. I have no ability to affect it in any way, and I’m no longer willing to carry it around.

I’m no longer going to pretend that it’s my responsibility. So here, take it from me now, Spirit, and disperse it out into the ALL THAT IS, at its own level of buoyancy, to the fulfillment of Your purpose, as it is Your intention. Thank You, Spirit.”

Now when we focus our attention back into the space in front of us, things are quite different. All of that energy that was someone else’s energy, that was being carrying around by you in a cloud, 

influencing yourself and influencing those who are interacting with you, it’s all gone; it’s not there anymore. It’s been removed. Halleluia. Thank You, Spirit.

But we’re not done, because what’s left is our own energy that was holding onto, interfacing with, engaging with holding onto this garbage. So now we’re going to deal with that.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit I acknowledge all of my remaining contractile energy. It is my freewill decision to decompress and expand all of this energy as well. Please do this for me now. Thank You, Spirit.”

And of course, instantly because it’s our energy and we have the authority to request this of Spirit, it instantly just disappears.

Because Spirit did exactly what we requested, expanded this contractile energy into expansion energy and now it no longer has a place within the contractile holographic image. And it’s just expanding now, in euphoria. Thank You, Spirit.”

So now what’s left, because there’s still some garbage here.

The next layer deep is all of that contractile energy that we absorbed into our beings, that we took into ourselves out of fear of repercussion, judgment, persecution, abandonment, rejection, et cetera, et cetera.

We wanted to fit in, so we took all this garbage in to justify and validate the abuse that was happening to us, so they would accept us into their group. Well, no more. The price is too high.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit, I acknowledge all of this contractile energy that was projected at me, that I absorbed into my being in an attempt to fit in and be one of the crowd, behave in social and politically correct ways of abuse.  

I acknowledge all of this energy inside of me, that I have constructed into judgment interfaces to compartmentalize my perception of reality, to distort it to the level where I couldn’t tell the difference between right and wrong, which justified the abusive nature of this energy.  

No more, Spirit.  I acknowledge all of this contractile energy as it is within and around my Central Core Chamber, in between each of my 7 Concentric Bands, inside and outside of the Coronal Layer of my Higher Self Band, 

within all the nooks and crannies of the Chakra System, all that energy that splits me into right and left halves, front and back halves, top and bottom halves.  

I acknowledge all of this and I’m going to give it to You, Spirit. It’s not my energy.”

Okay, go ahead and grab by your intention, just grab this structure. It’s very stable, all you have to do is just grab it, lift it out of you.

Speak along with Tom:

“Here, Spirit, take this energy from me. I’m no longer willing to authorize it within my being or within my life. Take it from me now please and disperse all of this energy out into the ALL THAT IS at its own level of buoyancy to the fulfillment of Your purpose and Your intention. Thank You, Spirit.”

Okay, feeling much better. Much better.

Okay now as you change your focus of intention or attention, perception, into the space in front of you, quite different again still.  There’s still a little bit of stuff on the periphery, it’s coming in from the collective consciousness.  

There’s no specific orientation of projection, it’s just black noise coming in from everywhere, from all of those beings that are participating and feeling guilty for saying “No I’m not willing to do this”.

And suppressing their own internal awareness in order to fit in. I’m sorry for them I’m not willing to participate in this anymore, and hopefully they’ll heal right along with us.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit, I acknowledge all of this black noise energy that’s being projected at me in an attempt to get me to join the masses. No way. No more. It is my freewill decision to block all of this energy from reaching me and to spontaneously deflect it away from me.  

Spirit, please defend my right of freewill determination and do this for me. Block this energy from reaching me. And deflect it away from me so that I no longer have to be influenced by it.  Even at all.  

Please do this for me throughout all of this lifetime and throughout all of my lifetimes. Thank You, Spirit.”

Now when you look into the space in front of you, now it’s almost unrecognizable, in comparison to what it was before.  

There’s still a little bit of stuff here and what’s left is just that energy of your own which is contractile but not directly associated with the topic that we’ve been working with.  

But it’s still there, and because it’s contractile in some way, somehow it was supporting this whole topic.

So let’s get rid of this too. Let’s transform this into expansion-oriented energy.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit, I acknowledge all of my remaining contractile energy anywhere and everywhere within my being, no matter what it is, doesn’t matter. If it’s contraction-oriented I would like it transformed into expansion-oriented energy.  

That is my freewill decision. Please do this for me now, so that all of my energy interfaces and interacts freely, intimately and actively, expanding into the Creative Matrix of the Universe to provide a clear and full and accurate perception of reality, 

and to spontaneously bring about the full realization of my Birth Right Life Potential and the complete manifestation of Your purpose for creating me.

Spirit, please fill me with conscious awareness of expansion so that I may fully embrace and embody Your intention of Your purpose for which You are creating me.  

Spirit, please do all of this for me now throughout all of this lifetime and all of my lifetimes.  

And Spirit please extend this healing wave of energy to all aspects of the collective consciousness for anyone and everyone who is so inclined to let go of this dysfunctional reality, and embrace the freedom to say No.

Embrace the freedom to say Yes to You, Yes to their purpose, Yes to the fulfillment for the reason that they exist, and No to anyone else who disagrees. Thank You Spirit.”

Marvelous. Thank you so much for all of you being here and participating in this. I absolutely am convinced that this is changing the reality of humanity. And I’m glad to be doing it with all of you.

We’re going to now go into the next phase here, the group process, which is getting rid of all of the Emotional Energy that can now be released, because it’s no longer needed to support all of that garbage we were holding onto.

Speak along with Tom:

“I release Uncared-For and Unloved / I am Safe and Quiet
I release Incensed and Furious / I am Adequate and Receptive
I release Let-Down and Not-Heard / I am Daring and Motivated
I release Jealous and Competitive / I am Able-to-Respond and Cooperative

I release Pessimistic and Immobilized / I am Congruent and In-Tune-With
I release Attacked and Bothered / I am Approachable and Choosing-To
I release Trapped and Picked-On / I am Jubilant and Amused
I release Excluded, Caving-In and Disbelief / I am Encompassed in Love and Compassion

I release Self-Pity, Unsure, Rutted and Holding-Onto / I am Secure and Letting-Go”


Okay, whoever you are, that’s attacking me, you’d better back off now. Get out of my throat chakra. Archangel Metatron, please record this as a malicious violation of my person. And remove them from my throat. You will not stop me from saying what I need to say. All you are doing is collecting karmic debt for you to suffer through.  

All right. Starting over again.

Speak along with Tom:

“I release Self-Pity, Unsure, Rutted and Holding-Onto / I am Secure and Letting-Go
I release Non-Acknowledgement and Betrayal / I am Acknowledgment and Merciful
I release Shoved Down My Throat and Swallowed / I am Credible and Visible
I release Undermining, Whining and Disposable / I am Supported and Integral

I release Rigid and Unable to look around / I am Balanced and Creative
I release Questioned and Burdened / I am Acceptable and Optimistic
I release Put-Upon and Frustrated / I am Attractive and Admirable
I release Conditional and Worried / I am Going-Beyond and Relaxed

I release Forced-On, Compacted, Panic and Disoriented / I am Expansive, Free and Responsive
I release Dismissed, Blaming and Bewildered / I am Exploring and Action
I release Overwhelmed and Closed-Shut / I am Health, Well-Being and Vitality 
I release Miserly, Obligated and Possessive / I am Passive and Communion”

Okay. All right. That’s good.

Wasn't that amazing?

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