“Thank you seems so inadequate for the centuries of work you did last night on me. I was rooting for the prosperity work never considering such vastness a healing for me could entail. That the situation had been occurring for many centuries is membrane blowing for me (smile). Your spiritual abilities and personal caring are epic in my mind. I am so happy I discovered you during my spiritual search. So I say thank you again and I look forward to being a continuous part of your work with all and me as well. To Tom’s spiritual community blessings to all of you as well.”

Love, Thelma F.

“As I confessed my darkness, I had a strong thought of, “do I really want to go into ‘Full Metal Jacket Mode’ again? That was where I was headed. I had indulged my anger to survive in the Marine Corps. I didn’t want to be that person anymore. I had wanted it for a long time do to brainwashing in the Marine Corps. But my life wasn’t going so great, trying to act like a Marine, in the civilian world. I had met an angry man earlier that day and felt his energy with me in session. With Tom’s assistance we extracted the energy! Tom was guided to activate a cocoon encapsulation shield. While doing a current life age recession back to conception, I discovered negativity and resentment at my conception. As Tom pulled that energy out, I could feel a weight being pulled off my chest, literally! Usually when I take deep breaths it hurts because of my anxiety disorder. This time, as I took a deep breath, there was no pain in my chest! What a relief! Tom instructed me, through Spirit, how to invoke aspects of God to be there with me at the moment of my conception. When we called for the Power of God to be present, I could feel the power! It was strongly present in the room. Finally Tom helped me ask for the Compassion of God…and POOF! I was encapsulated in quiet, peace, and sanctuary. It was so strong, a gold-ish capsule that surrounded my auric field. I couldn’t believe how fast and abruptly it came to me. I’ve never experienced anything like it! Peace and love and pure comfort! Beautiful! It made me so happy, but yet not so ecstatic that I couldn’t enjoy the calmness of the space within the capsule. It was perfect.”

Meghan S. Portland OR

“I met Tom Hudson about three years ago. Since then, I’ve had several private sessions with him and attended one of his I.A.M. – Charkra Clearing classes. He is very skilled, caring, supportive, and knowledgeable and holds himself to a high standard of excellence in the work he does with people. My work with him began when I was dealing with unresolved grief around the death of my daughter. It was triggered when a workshop I wanted to take was being held in the same city where she passed. I found the levels of anxiety just thinking of returning there emotionally shaking. Tom’s calm presence, as he worked with me, made me feel safe, respected, and understood. He approached my issues with a gentle confidence and intuitive intelligence, using a wide variety of techniques which I found very supportive in assisting me to resolve my anxiety and grief. Because of his work, I was able to successfully attend the workshop feeling confident and compassionate toward myself, and appreciative for all I had experienced, both in the past, and the joy and eagerness I experienced while at the workshop – a big improvement from how I was feeling before my work with Tom. I’ve gained new levels of self-knowledge, self-mastery, and confidence. Having experienced only positive and satisfying results every time, I would absolutely work with Tom in the future. He is a valued resource in my life.”

Kyrie C., LCSW, LICSW, CBS Vancouver, WA kyrieca@gmail.comINDIGO Biofeedback

“I’ve known Tom Hudson for the past 10 years. I was referred to him by a friend when I was having issues dealing with people at work. Tom’s down to earth manner put me at ease during our first meeting. His holistic approach to the nuances of the mind and body are unique and refreshing. My improvements have been both physical and mental. My state of being is greatly improved. I am a more self-assured and confident human because of his help. Tom has given me tools to help deal with everyday stresses of life, both physically and mentally. I am truly not sure if I would be alive without the work Tom and I have done together!! Just being around him is an uplifting experience! Whatever was needed was addressed in our hourly sessions. I’m always considering more therapy just because of what he’s done for me in the past. It’s really something you have experience in person. I have told people in the past that if you’re truly intent on changing the way you lead your life! If you are experiencing any kind of grief or angst, spending an hour with Tom is worthwhile.”

Mike H. Portland, OR

“I have worked with Tom Hudson for the past twelve years. I find him full of integrity, compassion, and understanding. He is the first person to really understand me and see me for who I know I am inside. I could feel him listening to me, becoming deeply aware of my problem, and the energetic imbalances that were causing issues in my life. Through his clarity, he has helped me embrace, yet also detach from my challenges, to see all things in my life as blessings. Using tools from Tom’s teachings, to alter my perception of reality, I’m now able to be an active participant in my life. Since working with him, I find it much easier to face emotional / spiritual blocks without going into panic, ‘back-brain’ reality. If you’re ready to practice accountability, become an active Co-creator with the Divine, and empower yourself and others for the highest good, Tom is the ideal person to see.”

Erika S. Portland, OR

“I’ve known Tom Hudson for just over two months. During that time, I’ve heard him speak on several occasions about his different healing modalities. I am morbidly obese and have tried more programs than I can count to lose weight, only to gain it back plus more. So, I sought out his help because . . . Well, what did I have to lose? I was thrilled when Tom was able to zone in on the root cause and clear it in only one session. It’s gone! Since then, my energy is noticeably different. The shift was instant and remains. I’m calmer, happier . . . as if a weight has been lifted from me along with feelings of guilt, failure, and hopelessness. I went home with several new tools to use at home, every day, to reinforce the healing work he did during the session. An utmost professional healer, Tom is compassionate and respectful. Before we began, he told me it was up to me if he could help me or not. This empowered me. Had I gone in skeptical and closed-minded, I would not have experienced the same result. I had a great experience and would definitely ask him for help, again. I no longer feel like I am starving, THE underlying issue for me. I lost three pounds at my first TOPS weigh-in since my session and look forward to losing many more. That may not seem like a lot, but I hadn’t been able to get the scale to budge in months of dieting. Update three weeks after my treatment, I’ve now dropped eleven pounds and I’m motivated and encouraged because I’m finally in charge of my weight.”

Deb I. Vancouver, WA

“I’ve known Tom for a year and a half. Recently, I came to him for help in fighting off a sore throat and earache which had lingered for quite some time. My neck was also very tight, especially on the right side. Tom looked at me as a whole person: on spiritual, emotional, physical, and biochemical levels, to holistically bring my system back into balance. He was able to intuitively tune into my issues at depth and with productive perspectives that assisted me in my healing process. Tom addressed my issues energetically, spiritually, and emotionally using his vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology, muscle testing, and his cutting edge expertise in working with emotions and inherited family behavioral patterns embedded within my own body tissues. Not only was he able to clear the problems with my throat, earache, and stiff neck, but through his thorough explanation of cause and effect, I gained more understanding of my own family dynamics, belief systems & ingrained moralities, and how energetically these affect my body’s tension patterns, structural alignment, physiology, and emotional/behavioral patterns, that led to my condition in the first place. It amazes me how what I think of as a physical problem can be healed by dealing with the causes at the spiritual, energetic, and emotional levels. Over the time I’ve known Tom, I’ve observed him constantly working on his own evolution. I see that by doing so, he continues to provide me with new and innovative, modalities and practices to assist in keeping my body, mind, and spiritual health in balance. Thank you, Tom.”

Stephanie Z., MS OTR/L, Vancouver, WA

“I was introduced to Tom Hudson through one of my friends who had experienced amazing results as his client. Now in my early fifties (in 1993), I am depressed. I have no joy in my life, but I don’t know what is wrong. I feel nothing for my husband who I have loved for 27 years. Although I am concerned about this I feel so detached and “don’t really care.” Tom used emotional release healing with me for several sessions, finding areas of pain and discomfort in my body that I did not know were there and then releasing the pain. I discovered the smaller, younger, versions of myself who were hurt by various things that I had experienced in my childhood. We cried together. We laughed together. I resolved my relationship with myself and then I literally fell back in-love-with-myself, my husband, and with life. I’ve been told I now literally sparkle with joy and luster. Thank you Tom.”

Femke D. Netherlands

“I met Tom Hudson during his E.A.S.E. class of emotional healing taught in Drenthe, at “de Hoff van Axen.” When Tom asked for volunteers, my hand shot up like a bullet and so he worked on me as an example for the class. I am 83 (in 1993). I’ve been suffering constant pain for three years following abdominal surgery. They had to take out a part of my small intestine which had died. The doctors could find nothing wrong with me but I had a 10 centimeter hard lump in my lower abdomen and I was still in a lot of pain. Tom guided me through his E.A.S.E. system of release. After 20 minutes the reason for this lump came to me, like a flash of light, I saw the disappointed look of my wife from 55 years, disapproving of the “New-Thought” growth I was so eagerly embracing. In that moment I began to cry, a ball of energy exploded from me and the lump in my belly literally dissolved, melting away within seconds, as my pain vanished as it went. Thank you Tom.”

Jan K. Netherlands

“I’ve only know Tom Hudson for a few months, but he came highly recommended as one who’s able to assist in getting resolution. I was experiencing a situation that was causing me great distress, and financial hardship. Tom’s ability to discern the problem, present the situation, then offer a reasonable and effective resolution was comforting, that it was also pain-free amazed me. Tom’s professional and respectful demeanor set me at ease. That plus his extremely accurate perception of the situation gave me the confidence I needed to work with him. Tom’s approaches were efficient and very effective. I immediately felt like a ten-ton-elephant was taken off my chest, and each day that has passed provided further distance from the emotional baggage that I was carrying. The fact that Tom did all of this work, without my having to re-experience post-traumatic-stress was liberating. Because of working with Tom, I was immediately capable of putting my previous issue in the past, forgive, and release with no pain. I came away from our session feeling much better; dropping all angst and knowing that I was truly done with the never ending loop of emotional drain that I had been experiencing. Amazingly, within 20 minutes of ending my session with Tom, an aspect of the situation for which I had sought his help further resolved itself without any intervention on my part. That was huge progress I can attribute to Tom’s work. Much remains to be seen how this will all play out, but now I know that there are reasons behind everything that happens. Instead of trying so many different methods of resolution on my own, I’m going to cut to the chase and give Tom a call. Tom worked on my past lives with me and I will call on him in the future…. because he facilitates results. He helped me understand that hurdles, blockages in our lives and the pain that we may be dealing with don’t have to be permanent blocks to a healthy future. I would describe Tom’s services as pure energy healing and clearing. When I recommend Tom to someone, I’ll even dial the phone for them. Don’t delay. Call him.”

Patrice S. Mentor, OH ArtisanOwner, CrowStone Studio

“I am a client of Lucia’s, Tom Hudson’s partner. She recommended me to see him. My son had died four years earlier and my life was in pain ever since that day. Tom was using his new emotional healing to help me; E.A.S.E.. I did not really understand it, but Lucia said it would help so I did it. He had me repeat some words from a chart. There were some pains in my body which moved around. Each time we got them to go away with his chart. This is what we did for the whole session. Close to the end, I felt my son in the room with me. This was the first time I felt him since four years when he died. I began to cry. Suddenly, I stopped. A smile replaced my crying. From that moment on I began to enjoy life again. I have more energy than I remember ever since childhood.”

Mieke S. Netherlands

“I was seeing Tom for my back problems. I’m a crooked back since a long time now. He was doing some massage therapy that helped and I was feeling better. All at once, things were bad. I could hardly walk. When I saw him, he was surprised and asked what had happened. I can remember only that my son came to see me over the weekend. He had questions about the war. We talked and then I woke up the next day like this. Tom asked me to tell him what I had said to my son. It was a horrible story about the Germans. When I finished Tom was crying. He said, “I think that is the problem.” So, we used a chart of his with emotions. He had me repeat the words and each time I felt better. Finally I could stand up again and my back felt good since then. Thank you Tom.”

Willemina M. Netherlands

“I heard some good things about Tom from a friend. When I came to him I just had no joy in my life. There were no problems I could blame. I was very unhappy for no reason. Tom felt an energy presence around me that was very sad. Until he said that, I thought it was me. Then I could feel the difference. It wasn’t me. When he asked with muscle testing we found out it was a child I lost who miscarried from my twenties. Using age recession back to the time when it happened, we found out that it was girl. I had never spoken of it to anyone, not even my husband. My family didn’t know. Tom had me repeat some words from his emotional chart. I cried. Then I felt a lot better. We found out her name was Simke. He advised me to tell my family about her; that she is their daughter / sister / cousin, and to set a place for her at the table when we eat, to celebrate her life with a day we chose as her birthday. I did what Tom said. I am amazed. My depression left. I am so happy to be alive. I live in joy now with a smile on my face. Thank you Tom.”

An F. Netherlands