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We respect your privacy and do not sell, rent, share, trade or give away your personal information with anyone, unless required to by law. We use e-mail to stay in touch with you to build community, and support the awakening of humanity. We will share recent teachings – articles and videos, meditations, as well as announce upcoming events. We abide by the industry standard of ZERO SPAM tolerance. All emails received from Birth Rite Technology™ are in response to your request for additional information or you have chosen to participate in one of our programs and will have the appropriate unsubscribe link for your convenience in managing your subscription options.


The foundation of our policy rests on the principle of prosperity; that all actions and interactions be edifying to all participants of the activity; lifting each individual involved to a higher level for its participation, making each action infinitely sustainable. We also honor the Law of Energy Exchange. Birth Rite Technology™ energetically honors and appreciates each and every one of its customers. In turn, the time and preparation invested by Rev Tom Hudson, in the development and execution of all Birth Rite Technology™ products and services, needs to be equally honored and appreciated.


We love and respect all of our valued clients and customers and so we are happy to offer a no questions asked, “30 Day Money Back Guarantee” on all “RETAIL PRICED” products; written, audio or video (.pdf files, .mp3 files, .mp4 files), to allow time to decide if a certain “product” works for them or not. **

This does not apply to “SERVICES RENDERED,” or to “SALE,” or “BUNDLE DISCOUNTED ITEMS” (as they are considered multiple items – see ** reference below). Special consideration for refunds on “BUNDLED ITEMS” will allow a full discount for only “ONE” of the items in a discounted bundle package (based upon the prorated bundle price). All other of the bundled items will be refunded at 50% of the prorated purchase price.

Regarding scheduled services that have not yet been fulfilled, a customer wishing to provide notification of cancellation, rescheduling (as possible), or a request for refund on purchase of single or BUNDLED Service Packages must email Birth Rite Technology at customerservice@birthritetechnology.com to receive individual consideration for the amount of the purchase price that may be eligible for refund.

** Also, in order to honor the hard work, knowledge and expertise invested in the development of each product, we shall only allow refunds on one product per customer per 90 days. Multiple refunds by the same customer within 90 days will not be accepted.


A request to refund a Birth Rite Technology™ MP3 or MP4 files must be received within 30 days of purchase. A dissatisfied customer will be offered a full refund or a free audio or video product of equal value. All products are copyright protected. Copying for redistribution or sharing of any Birth Rite Technology™ audio or video file is prohibited by law.


A request to refund a Birth Rite Technology™ PDF File must be received within 30 days of purchase. A dissatisfied customer will be offered a full refund or a free written product file of equal value. All products are copyright protected. Copying for redistribution or sharing of any Birth Rite Technology™ written product is prohibited by law.


For all situations in which it is decided that a customer remedy is appropriate, please take NOTE: our company’s entire liability, and the purchaser’s exclusive remedy, shall be LIMITED to a refund of the price paid (minus any e-commerce transaction fees) or replacement of our products, or the products offered and sold by our third-party affiliates, solely at our, or our affiliates discretion.


All educational workshops or courses, group healings, monthly memberships, private sessions with Rev Tom Hudson, and services offered by Birth Rite Technology™ are fully guaranteed with our “Fair Energy Exchange” policy. Dissatisfied customers may request and receive a full refund, exchange, rescheduling (as possible) in most circumstances, as outlined below. Again, no customer will be allowed more than 1 refund within a 90 day period. **Please see below for details on each specific type of service.


A customer wishing to cancel or reschedule private session time must provide written notification of cancellation, rescheduling (as possible), or a request for refund emailed to: customerservice@birthritetechnology.com Regarding personal sessions, please know that the price charged for these sessions reserves the time slot for you to have access to Rev Tom Hudson’s years of accumulated expertise. It in no way assures that you will receive the effect or benefit you desire. Should you participate in any part of the private session, your purchase is no longer eligible for refund. Should you, for whatever reason, feel it necessary to postpone or reschedule your appointment, please do so at minimum of 48 hours prior to its beginning. There is no penalty, but it is requested that you reschedule a new appointment within 30 days. Any client abusing the leniency of this policy will be blocked from making additional appointments. Should you feel it necessary to cancel your appointment, without rescheduling, for whatever reason, if done so at minimum of 48 hours in advance of the session, your purchase is eligible for a full refund. However, if you cancel within the 48 hours prior to the appointment as scheduled, refund of your purchase drops to 50%. In cases where cancellation of a session package is requested (because of the bulk discount provided by purchasing as a package) the number of sessions already used will be re-calculated at the current full-single-session-price and subtracted from the total purchase price of the package. The remainder of the purchase shall then be eligible for full refund.


“On-Line” Instructional Group Workshops or Classes may be cancelled or rescheduled (as possible), receiving a full refund when done so within 48 hours of beginning the first segment of the workshop or class. Please NOTE: There is a maximum number of students allowed in each workshop or class, and your reserved place, if not cancelled in time, may cause another customer to miss out on attending. Customers who have attended the first two Workshops or Classes in a series, or do not notify Birth Rite Technology of a desire to cancel or reschedule (as possible) within 48 hours of beginning the first segment of the workshop or class, will not be entitled to receive a refund. Remember, you must provide written notification of cancellation, rescheduling (as possible), or a request for refund emailed to: customerservice@birthritetechnology.com


“On-Site” Instructional Group Workshops or Classes may be cancelled, or rescheduled (as possible), receiving a full refund when requested 7 days prior to the first day of the workshop or class. Please NOTE: There is a maximum number of students allowed in each workshop or class, and your reserved place, if not cancelled in time, may cause another customer to miss out on attending. Customers who notify the instructor within the first half day that they would like to cancel may receive a 75% refund (delivered within 30 days). Any student who has completed the first four hour segment of any Workshop or Class in a series without notifying the instructor of their desire to cancel or reschedule (as possible) will not be entitled to receive a refund. Thank you.


The Paid Monthly Membership Option may be eligible for refund when request has been made within the first 48 hours following subscription. This membership option may also be cancelled at any time. However, you must cancel through your PayPal account. Birth Rite Technology cannot cancel for you, as we do not have, nor should we have access to your personal private PayPal account information. You ask, “How do I change the way I pay for a recurring payment, subscription, automatic billing, or installment plan?” When you send money for pre-approved payments such as a recurring payment, subscription, automatic billing, or installment plan, the money is first taken from your PayPal balance. Here’s how to change the way you pay for pre-approved payments if you don’t want to use your PayPal balance:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
  2. Click the settings icon next to “Log out”
  3. Click Preapproved Payments under “Payment settings”
  4. Click the name of the merchant for the agreement you wish to change
  5. Click Change in the Payment Method section
  6. Select the payment method you’d like to use

Any additional questions or inquiries regarding cancelling the Paid Monthly Option need to be made directly to PayPal.


Credit card refunds will be processed within two business days of receipt of a refund request. If this requirement is not met, please contact us so we can follow up with the credit card company.

LEGAL RIGHTS Pursuant to U.S., State & Federal Laws, the following is a statement of your legal rights.

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We strive to accurately represent our programs, services, and the potential benefit to our customers. The kind of results you may receive from our programs, however, depends on many factors, including your dedication, motivation, desire, persistence, skills and background, as well as many other factors outside our control, such as social, familial, economic, and market conditioning. Any or all: business success, physical-health changes, personal, or spiritual growth statements, or testimonials of what others have achieved, in any or all Instructional products or programs, or in the Birth Rite Technology™ website, blog, FaceBook pages, or any advertisement linked to the above, are only examples of what has been achieved or accomplished by others, NOT statements or guarantees of what we think you PERSONALLY will, or could accomplish. There is NO ASSURANCE you’ll do as well, or even grow, change, or develop skills in the same direction as those techniques or modalities shared within any documents, videos, or audios of the program you purchased. There can be NO ASSURANCE that any prior successes, or past results, as to changes, results, achievements, growth, or development accomplished by others, can be used as an indication of YOUR future success, results, achievements, growth, or development. Even if YOU follow ALL instructions, stated or implied, in our products: e-Book, video, or audio instructional package, YOU must accept the FULL RESPONSIBILITY and RISK associated with performing or applying any of the instructions based upon: YOUR ability or inability to follow and apply the instructions as given, or as intended, The limitations of YOUR own potential for understanding, learning, growth, change, or development, YOUR potential MISUSE of techniques, or modalities, which although proven SAFE by experts, can result in physical harm when used by those who have NOT received adequate professional training, The potential for causing harm to ONE’S SELF and OTHERS should YOU attempt to perform techniques or modalities WITHOUT full understanding and expertise in performing them appropriately or skillfully, The possibility that is ALWAYS PRESENT in treating persons even when the techniques are performed correctly, and such damage is NO FAULT of ability to apply the technique or modality in question. ALL products and services offered by the COMPANY, expressly Tom Hudson or BIRTH RITE TECHNOLOGY™ (or by third-parties whom are authorized to present, provide or offer for sale) are for educational, or informational purposes ONLY and should not be considered as anything other than that. USE CAUTION! Should YOU feel in any way NEEDFUL of additional training for YOU to perform said instruction adequately. Additional coaching services are provided by COMPANY, expressly Tom Hudson, and BIRTH RITE TECHNOLOGY™, in our premium product packages. Otherwise, seek additional advice or qualified professional instruction BEFORE YOU TAKE ANY ACTION upon another person to apply these techniques. Should YOU have any doubt concerning YOUR understanding of use or application of technique, it is YOUR responsibility to contact COMPANY, Tom Hudson, BIRTH RITE TECHNOLOGY™, or check with YOUR own: medical professional, therapist, or healthcare adviser, before acting on the instructions of any product or any information provided by or associated with any of our products. YOU as a user of our products, services, and website are advised to do YOUR own due diligence when it comes to making ALL healthcare, personal, spiritual growth, or business decisions. All information, products, and services that have been presented and offered for sale should be independently verified by YOUR own qualified professionals. Information presented within any product, program or service, or on any of our virtual sites, and by any of our third-party affiliate presenters is provided to YOU in GOOD-FAITH that YOU shall use it RESPONSIBLY. We disclaim any and all responsibility for your use or application of said information in an irresponsible fashion. It is advisable that should YOU take action to treat others using any of the methods, techniques, or modalities provided by BIRTH RITE TECHNOLOGY™, that YOU are a trained and certified healthcare professional prior to attempting application of any techniques and modalities of any type, and that YOU acquire and are protected by adequate insurance to cover any and all costs which may arise due to damages, which may occur to a person receiving treatment from YOU with these or other techniques or modalities, whether caused by inappropriate action on YOUR part or spontaneous occurrence.


By continuing past this page, your actions signify that you accept and agree to ALL of the above statements and conditions, and agree to be bound by them. Further that you agree to hold blameless: COMPANY, expressly, Tom Hudson, BIRTH RITE TECHNOLOGY™, and any third-party working as an employee for, or affiliated with for the purpose of distribution of products and services, from any and all responsibility and liability for damages caused to YOURSELF or to those YOU treat by YOUR use of knowledge and instruction presented in our products or any instruction by our educational services.