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To achieve prosperity means having to say No to indebtedness, and let go of that vibrational state of being to transform into a new identity. Engage with Tom as he transforms the contractile vibrations of indebtedness into expansion vibrations of opulent prosperity, i.e. the fulfillment of your Soul’s Purpose for which Spirit is creating you.

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Today’s a little bit complicated, because it takes some perception of what it is that is really going on to become prosperous.  

Because when you become prosperous, you must enter into a different vibrational state of being than you were or have been, in a state of indebtedness.

These are two totally different vibrational states, they do not co-exist simultaneously at all, and the ability to achieve prosperity means having to say No to indebtedness.  

And transform, literally let go of that vibrational state of being and transform into a new what is perceived by you as a new identity.

That’s of course part of the process that one of the main and the newest of my workshops which was the natural cycles of prosperity workshop – that whole process was to assist people in the transformation from indebtedness into prosperity.

One of the things that would prevent someone from moving and transforming – making this transformation of your vibrational state – is what we’re going to deal with today. 

You may not have connected this, but if you’re going to fulfill the purpose for which you exist, you need to exist in a state of prosperity.  Prosperity is a reflection of the actual participation in your purpose for having Spirit create you. 

It’s not just money that’s at stake here, is what I’m saying. It’s not just like an opulent lifestyle, it’s everything, it’s that state.  You can be indebted in all aspects of your life: spiritual, psychological, emotional, physical and financial.

The foundation of this is prosperity; being in a prosperous state of being, is actually necessary to embrace that, in order to be who you came here to be, in order to fulfill the purpose that Spirit created you to fulfill. 

And prosperity consciousness is actually a vibrational state of being. It’s a state of being which motivates actions that bring about the accumulation of all the resources that one requires to fulfill the purpose for which Spirit is creating you.

Conversely, indebtedness is also a state of being that a person embraces. They actively embrace indebtedness. No one would consciously do this, knowing what it is that they’re doing.  

But we are brought up to consciously embrace a state of being in debt, in order to fit in. Because otherwise you’d stick out like a sore thumb. 

In between and among and all of the people who are locked into debt consciousness, they know that you’re not one of them. And this is the big problem. You don’t feel like you belong in the masses anymore, because they won’t let you belong. 

Energetically they recognize you as not being a part of them. So if we’re going to bring them with us we need to lead the way by escaping the indebtedness consciousness to begin with.

The resulting debt consciousness is also the state of vibration. It’s a vibrational state of being, which motivates actions that bring about evaporation of what one already has and also diminishes the resources that are required to fulfill the purpose for which Spirit is creating you.

So that’s the full awareness and understanding of what indebtedness is, and finances is just a tiny little part of it.  It’s a reflection of. And that’s not to say that everybody who’s rich is prosperous. I’m not saying that at all.  

So please don’t misunderstand. The full state of prosperity, however, is reflected in finances as well as everything else.

So what we’re here to do today is to actually, first of all, say No to the conscious awareness of indebtedness, to say No to the vibrational state of indebtedness, 

because saying No to the vibrational state of evaporation, where everything that you are, everything that you came here to be is lost.  You have to say No to that whole conscious awareness first.

Like what we did last week, remember, we learned how to say No. It’s okay to say No. All of the spiritual leaders, all of the great humans of our history knew how to say No to the existing status consciousness in order to be different.

Not only the spiritual teachers, but the spiritual leaders of our countries also, in fact Gandhi knew how to say No.

So we’re first of all saying No to this state of indebtedness.  

And when we say No to a state, conscious awareness and the vibrational state of indebtedness, hose people who are in the masses, that are victim-oriented, 

and who are embracing mediocrity and embracing the whole “I’m going to fit into everybody” like “I want to be like everybody else, I don’t want to shine too brightly”,  

“I don’t want to have to deal with the jealousy and the envy”, and not only that, the hostility sometimes that comes with people who recognize you as being the cause of their problem.

No, you’re not.  They recognize that because that’s what they project onto you. 

You have to say no to that too, you have to not participate in that, in order to let go of this state of indebtedness, because that’s part of it, that’s all part of how they keep you inside of the mediocre reality.

So it’s time to embrace – as Marianne Williamson says – the unbelievable power of who we are is more frightening to us than failure.  It’s time to step up and embrace how totally awesome Spirit created us to be.

And in order to do that you have to say No to the debt consciousness and you have to say No to those people who would drag you down, back into it, and being mediocre, and giving up the birthright.

It’s time to say Yes to that. It’s time to say “Yes, I am a child of God”, “Yes, everything is possible”, “Yes, the desires of my heart are not only possible, it’s my birthright”. 

So it’s time to face the fear of reprisal and to set aside other people’s envy and jealousy. And the fact that they may despise you is because they blame you for their lot in life instead of taking full accountability and responsibility for what they’re creating.

It’s time to set all that aside and not participate in it. That’s what we’re doing here today.

There are a few people who are potentially totally unaware of what we’re about ready to do and I need to stop and explain this a little bit.

Open Into The Creative Matrix Of The Universe™ - Rev. Tom Hudson

First of all, I’m showing a slide here that shows the active transcription of DNA.  And you’ve heard of the “above, so it is below” principle, “ As it is above, so it is below”. As it is in Spirit, so it is in physical reality.  

So therefore as it is in physical reality, it means it’s also that way in Spirit. So that’s the direction we’re leading it, this time.

We all know biochemically it’s proven fact that the DNA is in a coiled, compressed state of being in the chromosomes because it needs to do that in order to protect itself from free radical destruction. And it does not transcribe anything within that state of being. 

In order for it to gain control over what the cell is doing and create new function within the cell, it has to expand and thereby can now be transcribed and gives instructions to create new things and do new things and activate the cell into performing its functions.

So just as the cell is activated to perform its functions, when the DNA expands, your energy field, when it expands, then tells the Creative Matrix of the Universe how to do what it is that you came here to be.

And when you’re in a contracted state of being, what you’re doing is you’re sharing with the Creative Matrix of the Universe the fear-based contraction of your reality, and that’s what it reflects back to you. 

If you want to experience a reflection back to you that is based upon your embracing of your purpose for existing, you need to be in a state of expansion just the same way the DNA expands when it tells the cell what to do, and fulfill the purpose of the cell, 

you need to be in a state of expansion to tell the Creative Matrix of the Universe how to create your divine Birth Right Life around you.

That’s what we’re about ready to do here, is transfer all of this contractile reality that exists within us into a state of expansion so that we can do just that.

Diagram showing the 7 Concentric Resonant Bands™ superimposed top down on the body

I’m going to be mentioning 7 Concentric Resonant Bands of Energy. This slide that’s up now has to do with exactly what it is that I’m going to be talking about.  

There are 7 Concentric Bands of Energy, and I’m not going to go too much into this because we don’t have time to teach a class on it, but just enough to know that this is what we’re talking about.

They’re not just circles. they’re cylinders. And they interface directly with the Chakra System.

All of the horizontal lotus tubes, lotus flowers of the chakras, they interface directly with these bands and these cylinders.

That’s as much time we have to go through all of this stuff anyway, but I just wanted to give you some kind of awareness as to what it is that we’re doing here, when those things get mentioned.

So now just follow along with me, in fact, not just follow, but embrace and engage verbally and physically with me in the process, what we’re doing here. You’ll find the more you engage, the more benefit you get from it.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit please show me all of the contractile energy that is associated with my fear of embracing prosperity. 

First of all my fear of saying No to indebtedness, my fear of saying No to mediocrity, my fear of what is potentially going to happen to me,

from all of those other people who are fear-based, from all of those other people who live a rat race of indebtedness, when all of a sudden I don’t have to do that anymore.

When all of a sudden I’m living the life that Spirit intended for me to live, without all of that stress and with the power of Spirit behind everything that is going on in my life, 

and the full realization of the purpose for which I exist, where all of the resources that are required to fulfill that purpose are at my fingertips.

It’s a fearful thing to stand apart and to be massively successful in comparison with the masses. You just don’t know what they’re going to do. But you’ve already experienced that enough to know that it can’t be good, or that maybe it won’t be good.

You’ve experienced the jealousy and the envy and that people despise you for being better than they think they are, for embracing the specialty of your own being, when they won’t embrace theirs. 

And the consequences that goes with that can be persecution, and retribution, punishment, all kinds of hurtful things that can happen.

Spirit please show me all of the contractile energy that I have embraced in order to fit in. That I have participated in the status quo in order to not make waves.

Please show me all of this contractile energy that has been projected at me, and that I have taken into my being, in order to be like everyone else. 

And Spirit please show me all that contractile energy that because of my participation I projected out at others and continued on the cycle of abuse and spreading the misery and suffering of indebtedness consciousness within the masses.

Please show me all of this contractile energy as I have participated in it and experienced it, throughout all of this lifetime, and throughout all of my lifetimes.

And the energy that has been passed down to me through the contractile nature within the genetic lineage of my ancestors, because they participated in it also, and passed it down to me.

No longer willing to live within their pattern of mediocrity. I say No to it. I say Yes to Spirit. I need to see all of that contractile energy so that I can deal with it Spirit, please show it to me.

Spirit please show me all of this energy on all levels of awareness as it exists within and around my Central Core Chamber, as it exists within my 7 Concentric Bands, 

as it exists everywhere within my Chakra System, and within my physical and all of my energy bodies, 

as I have allowed it to accumulate within my personal environmental space, and that energy that’s currently and actively being projected at me, by external environment sources to try and keep me locked into the behavior of the masses.

Spirit please show me all of this contractile energy now, as a holographic image in front of me.”

Alright. So now, Spirit’s done exactly what we requested, and if you perceive what it is within the space immediately in front of you, you’re going to perceive all of this energy. 

Now, it’s really important that you do this, in fact it’s critical.  If you don’t do this, then you have no authority to do anything that we’re going to do from this point forward, so please take a moment and just perceive what it is that’s in front of you. 

Don’t get lost in it, keep yourself distinct from it.  It’s in front of you, and you are not in the middle of it. It’s something that’s in front of you. There we go.

Speak along with Tom:

“Thank You Spirit for bringing all of this energy to my awareness.  I accept and embrace my full accountability for all of this energy. It is my freewill decision to decompress and expand all of it.  Please do this for me now Spirit. Thank You.”

Immediately there’s just a little bit of stuff that actually left. So small that you might not even be able to recognize that it’s different. 

But that energy which was your energy, that was contractile, that was participating in this, on this level, was now transformed instantly by Spirit into expansion energy and it’s gone because this is a hologram of contractile energy. 

So it’s no longer there. That’s what left. That means that the rest of this stuff is not yours. Because if it were yours, you would have accountability for it, you would have authority over it, to ask Spirit to do what you did, and it would be gone already, and it’s still here.

Since it’s still here, it means you don’t have authority over it because you’re not accountable for it, because it’s not yours. Because otherwise it would not be here. So that’s what we’re going to deal with next.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit I acknowledge that all of the rest of this energy is not mine. It’s someone else’s. It’s garbage energy that was projected at me and I was programmed to take it on in order to be like everybody else. 

And out of fear I did just that and I’ve carried it around with me not really knowing that I was doing it. But I did it. And I’m not willing to do it anymore. I’ve changed my mind. 

Spirit I’m no longer willing to be responsible to try to pretend to be responsible for something that I have no authority over. So I’m going to give it all to You, Spirit.”

So now what I want you to do is I want you to actually reach in front of you, grab this energy and just lift it out and away from you, and say:

Speak along with Tom:

“Here Spirit take this from me now. It’s not me. It’s not mine. I refuse to attempt to be responsible for something I have no power over. I have no authority over it. So I’m giving it to You, Spirit. 

The only responsible behavior I can take. Here take this garbage from me now please and disperse it out into the ALL THAT IS at its own level of buoyancy to the fulfillment of Your purpose and Your intention. Thank You Spirit.”

Now looking back into this space in front of you. Now you can see that there’s a huge difference in the characteristic quality of this energy in front of you. That’s because all that garbage from everyone else, that we’ve been carrying around with us is gone.

Now there’s still stuff here. Some of it is our own contractile energy which was participating in holding onto other people’s garbage. So that’s the next thing we’re going to resolve.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit I acknowledge all of the remaining contractile energy that is mine, I own it, I accept it, I claim authority over it, and it is my freewill decision to decompress and expand it also.  Please do this for me now Spirit.”

And of course instantly it just disappeared, because you have the authority to request it, Spirit has power to do it, and Bam. It’s just gone. Thank You Spirit.

Now what’s left is – there’s a bunch of garbage kind of in the outside, the periphery of this image, which is other people’s garbage being projected in at us, but we’re not going to deal with that right now because there’s a part of us that’s still participating.

We still have that contractile energy that we absorbed into our beings that we took on out of fear of repercussion of not being like everybody else. So that’s what we need to get rid of first.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit I acknowledge all of this contractile energy that I absorbed into my being to try to fit in. I created judgment interfaces out of it that have formed a compartmentalized perception of reality to validate and justify all of this abusive reality,

all of this abuse pattern, all of this fear-based cursed energy reality of indebtedness that I have participated in. I’m no longer willing to do this, I acknowledge all of this garbage that I took inside of me.

All that is within and around my Central Core Chamber, in between each of my 7 Concentric Bands, inside and outside of the Coronal Layer of my Higher Self Band, all that energy within the nooks and crannies of my Chakra System,

all that energy that splits me into right and left halves, front and back halves and top and bottom halves.  I acknowledge all of this energy and it’s someone else’s garbage. I’m no longer willing to carry it within me.”

Go ahead and grab ahold of this, just by your intention you can.  Grab ahold of this structure and lift it out of yourself and hand it over to Spirit.

Speak along with Tom:

“Here Spirit take this from me now. I’m no longer willing to provide authority for it to exist within my being.  I’m no longer willing to participate. I reject it. All of it. 

And I’m giving it to You Spirit to disperse out into the ALL THAT IS at its own level of buoyancy, to the fulfillment of Your purpose as it is Your intention. Thank You Spirit.”

Checking back into the space in front of you, it’s remarkably different again.  

And even that garbage that was being projected at us from external environmental sources, is less because we are no longer willing to participate, then it can’t actually be projected at us unless we are willing to receive it. And we decided not to.

There’s still some stuff coming in. We’re going to deal with that now. It’s just general basically black noise coming in from the collective consciousness.  

Stuff we’ve experienced our whole lives, we’ve tolerated it, and we just don’t know it even exists because we’re so used to it being there, we think it’s normal.  

But it’s not, it’s garbage that’s being projected at us.  So we’re going to deal with that now.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit I acknowledge all of this cursed energy, this black noise, this energy promoting the consciousness of indebtedness. I acknowledge it for what it is. It’s garbage, it’s other people’s garbage. It’s just energy debris. 

It has nothing to do with my life, it has nothing to do with fulfilling Your purpose for my life, in fact it’s totally contradictory and dissonant to the fulfillment of my purpose.

And I’m not willing to tolerate it anymore. It is my freewill decision to block all of this energy from reaching me, and to spontaneously deflect it away from me so that I don’t have to experience it or be influenced by it any longer.

In fact Spirit please do this for me. Please block it and deflect it away from me without me even having to be aware of it. Please defend my right of freewill determination. 

And do this for me throughout all of this lifetime, and all of my lifetimes. Thank You Spirit.”

Now, when you focus into the space in front of you, now again it’s remarkably different.

Okay, let’s see… There’s still some garbage here, and it’s basically just contractile energy that is not associated directly with this focused reality of indebtedness but it’s still contractile, so on some level it’s supporting other contractile realities so we’re going to deal with that now too.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit I acknowledge all of my remaining contractile energy, no matter what it’s focus is, no matter where it exists within my being. I acknowledge it and it is my freewill decision to decompress and expand all of it. 

Please do this for me now so that all of my energy actively, intimately and freely interacts within itself and expands out into the Creative Matrix of the Universe to provide me with a full, complete and accurate perception of reality;

and to spontaneously bring about the full realization of my Birth Right Life Potential and the complete manifestation of Your purpose for creating me. 

Spirit please fill me with conscious awareness of expansion so that I may fully embrace and embody Your intention of Your purpose for which You are creating me.”

Okay, interestingly enough, there is someone who’s not part of this group, someone who’s not part of what’s going on here. It’s someone that I know, who, because of what we’re doing and because of me leading you in this process, I’m being attacked. 

So I need to find out who this is.  <pause> Okay. Well, I’m not going to use any names, but:

“I recognize you and your malicious attempt at disrupting what I’m doing, and I charge you with having committed a malicious violation against my person. Archangel Metatron, record this in the Book of Akashic Records, you know who I’m talking about.

Block her energy from attacking me, deflect it away from me, I reject it, I have nothing to do with this. It’s just her garbage energy. And I say No, because I’m embracing Spirit. I’m embracing the expansion reality of prosperity and I say No to indebtedness on all levels. 

Spirit please include all members of the collective consciousness who have a resonance and a mindset and a willingness to engage in and participate in this healing event that just occurred;

throughout all of the collective consciousness, throughout all lifetimes, anybody who wants this, please offer it to them.  Thank You Spirit.”

Now focusing back into the space in front of you, there’s just nothing there except shimmering energy. So, perfect.

Thank You Spirit, I appreciate everything that You did, especially just bringing it to our attention so that we could take accountability for it and be responsible and do this process and resolve it. 

So now the Awakened Expansion Protocol is completed, but it made it possible for us to get rid of a whole bunch probably, of emotional energy garbage that’s been stored inside of our beings, 

so we really need to get rid of this first before we move into the next phase of this session here.

Speak along with Tom:

“I release Uncared-For and Unloved / I am Safe and Quiet
I release Incensed and Furious / I am Adequate and Receptive
I release Let-Down and Not-Heard / I am Daring and Motivated
I release Jealous and Competitive / I am Able-to-Respond and Cooperative

I release Self-Pity, Unsure, Rutted and Holding-Onto / I am Secure and Letting-Go
I release Non-Acknowledgement and Betrayal / I am Acknowledgment and Merciful
I release Shoved Down My Throat and Swallowed / I am Credible and Visible
I release Undermining, Whining and Disposable / I am Supported and Integral”

Again someone’s projecting energy at us as a group from the collective consciousness.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit please defend our right of freewill determination and block this energy from reaching us and deflect it away from us and out into the ALL THAT IS at its own level of buoyancy to the fulfillment of Your purpose as is Your intention.

And whoever you are who is so terrified of us exercising our own authority, to live our lives in accordance with the way we see fit; if that’s terrifying to you, I’m sorry for you. 

But you have no business interfering in what we’re doing. None whatsoever. So back off and stay away. If you don’t like it, just leave us alone.”

Okay. That’s better. Well, that kind of reaction that we’re getting right now from this, it’s always been one of convincing me that I’m doing exactly the right thing. 

When I get that kind of a reaction from people that are trying to convince me, aggressively convince me, that I should be doing something different, I just take that as a “Yes, I’m on the right track”. 

So thanks for confirming what I already knew to be true, both women.

Wasn’t that amazing?

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