Refund Policy

When purchasing your healing sessions, it is your payment that retains the appointment time and confirms your session. Please NOTE there shall be no refund for purchase of a single session package. It is advisable to participate in a “Discovery Session” to consult as to whether your needs will be met by the services we offer. Please email Tom Hudson at to schedule your “Discovery Session” prior to your initial purchase.

It is our view that all sessions serve your sincerity of heart and honor your deepest commitment to yourself by being non-refundable. Be assured, we are equally committed to offering you everything we have from our hearts to serve your journey of awakening. So, please be absolutely certain of your purchase prior to making it.

In cases of multiple session packages: Refund is not available for the three session package. Please be aware that many issues become acute following the initial session and produce an increased amount of angst which makes people think about discontinuing the sessions. The nature of confronting personal and spiritual growth issues it does NOT serve your process to provide an easy opt-out escape from addressing your issues. Prior to purchasing any multiple session package, please schedule a “Discovery Session” with Tom Hudson to confirm the wisdom of the purchase.

It is possible that a refund will be considered in the case of service packages for healing sessions of five, seven, or ten. It is reasonable to assume that the original issue may truly have been resolved prior completion of all purchased sessions. However, the hourly rate at which refund will be considered is adjusted by the single session rate of $247 for all sessions which were completed and by an early termination penalty of 10%. Should you still feel the need for refund, we will have no problem refunding whatever amount of your purchase is remaining.

As far as refunds for products: Because all of our products we offer are virtual and downloadable, once the purchase has been completed it must be assumed the product has been delivered and the value received. We are very sorry, but there are only a very few circumstances in which refund would be considered, yet should you feel that there is a reason for refund your situation will be considered on a case to case basis.

Should there be a situation in which it is decided that a customer remedy is appropriate, please take NOTE; our company’s entire liability, and the purchaser’s exclusive remedy, shall be LIMITED to a refund of the price paid (minus any e-commerce transaction fees) or replacement of our products, or the products offered and sold by our third-party presenters, solely at our, or our presenters discretion.