Career, Personal & Spiritual Growth Coaching Subscription

$497.00 / month

This bundled service subscription is for those who are actively engaged in the resolution of issues that span all aspects of life including personal, spiritual and career challenges.

The ultimate goal is to bring all three aspects of your life into a dynamic equilibrium where each of the three support and edify the other two, creating the experience of opulent prosperity in all five domains of life: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical health, and resources (including but not limited to finances).


This program can be used for:

  • Specific and defined projects, or
  • Long term pursuit of personal, spiritual and career growth & development

Both, with the ultimate goal to deepen and enrich one’s relationship to Spirit, with your Inner Self, with Significant Others (personal and career relationships), and in so doing embrace ALL the rest of CREATION to achieve the potential of your Divine Birthright Life. 


Here’s what you get:

  • Monthly Services:
    • Two private hour-long (60 min) Healing Sessions with Tom (Value $594)
    • Two private half-hour-long (30 min) Q&A and Strategy Sessions with Tom (Value $ 397)
  • Other Services – Not provided on a per month basis:
    • Quantum Leap Proposal Development Session (60 min) (Value $297)
    • Lifetime Membership to an exclusive SECRET FaceBook Group; “My Life By Divine Design Master Mind” Community, including email services for additional private questions (Value $ 497)
    • Discount on all Retail-Priced Products/Services (Value 30% Off)
  • Other Subscription Parameters:
    • Auto-monthly billing continues following the mandatory 3-month commitment
    • Sessions may be scheduled throughout the year, as available.
    • Refunds are NOT available


NOTE: Due to the deeply discounted rate, over 50% Off Retail Value for monthly recurring services, there can be no additional promo discounts or coupons applicable for purchase of this subscription. Thank you for your understanding.