Birth Rite Technology Spiritual Warrior Membership™ – Paid Monthly

This monthly payment option was created specifically in consideration of those who wish to take a measured spiritual growth healing path based on financial considerations.

Basic member benefits include:

  • Access to Tom’s weekly, two hour, Group Healing Calls
  • Birth Rite Technology Membership™ Secret Facebook Group Community
  • Access to a full year of previously Recorded Group Healing Calls
  • VIP Special announcements and options to buy new products at introductory prices and special early notice, before the general public even finds out they exist.

**Please email Tom for more information about this membership:


About Group Healing Teleseminars

Tom sets the stage for your healing by starting the calls off with his Spiritual Hygiene™, Opening the Divine Chakra Prayer and the condensed version of Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS™ Guided Healing Meditation; a very powerful beginning and worth coming to the call just for this.

Following the opening meditations, Tom addresses group healing topics such as: breaking free from mediocrity, entity release via exercising Spirit guided authority, no more martyrdom, release from the source of depression, anger, fear, release from the causes of dyslexia, the decompression and expansion of contractile energies associated with the influence of varying Miasmal Entities, and more. (Includes the downloadable recordings.)


Your billing instrument will be charged $33 monthly, on the day of your original purchase, as long as you wish to continue being a part of this amazing membership. You may cancel at any time by emailing and enjoy access to all benefits through the rest of the current month.