Our Vision, Mission & Purpose

There is a Divine Birth Right Life Created for Us Each.

I have a VISION:

That all of Humanity lives according to the pattern within the Divine Tapestry weaving through each life:

  1. Realizing as distinct individuals the full Divine Birth Right Life Potential of all Humanity
  2. Embracing principles of prosperity: Spiritually, Psychologically, Emotionally, Physically, and Financially
  3. All interactions resulting in increase, nurture, edification, or qualitative benefit to all who participate
  4. All resources are replaced or increased; thereby making all interactions infinitely sustainable to all
  5. Directional flow of energy expands, quickening all, increasing realization of spiritual awareness to all
  6. We all as infinitely powerful souls align with the vibrational flow of expansion to embrace our true nature
  7. Momentum of the Divine transformational energy wave channels through us, realizing prosperity to all

Now I’m on a MISSION:

To deliver the message; one’s life purpose is created with us, so trust in Divine guidance and step into your life:

  1. Laying aside ego-centric reality, to embrace God-centric actuality
  2. Realization of your true self, reconciling with the “Creative Spark and Genius” from which we all are derived
  3. To share Birth Rite Technology™ providing guidance to people through their RITE of passage
  4. To remind people of their higher purpose, to reconnect people with their hearts’ desire,
  5. To assist in clearing blocks that prevent people from fulfilling their divinely ordained birth RIGHT potential

I’m driven to fulfill my Divine PURPOSE:

To share essential truth, empowering Humanity to embrace the full power of God available within each of us:

  1. To resolve the gnawing angst created by the false premise that we are weak and inadequate
  2. To resolve, re-write, belief systems which erode our underlying purpose, our reason for being
  3. To expose the human collective unconsciousness as complaisant conformity, and compliance
  4. Survival has no meaning in the process of realizing infinite potential in the vast womb of eternity
  5. To regain assurance we are equal to our purpose, competent, infinitely valuable, integral parts of the whole

Thank You For Supporting My Mission