Do you want to experience more of this?

We have a group that provides this experience every single week.

Day: Saturdays 

Time: 9:00-11:00 am Pacific Time

Price: for a mere $33 per month

That’s four or five Saturdays per calendar month!

Engage in our Healing - Paid Monthly

Personal Growth Membership™ Community

The Monthly Payment Option
of $33 is all you need to get started today.

Engage Now!

Monthly Community Benefits:

  • Access to Tom’s weekly, two hour, Group Healing Calls
  • Birth Rite Technology Membership™ Secret Facebook Group Community 
  • Access to a full year of previously Recorded Group Healing Calls
  • New deeper upgraded discount on all retail priced products/services at Birth Rite
    Technology websites.
  • VIP access to premium instructional programs led by Tom Hudson
  • VIP Special announcements and options to buy new products at introductory
    prices and special early notice, before the general public even finds out they exist.

Steps to follow for making your purchase.

  • If you already have a login with Birth Rite Technology then click the ‘Click here to LogIn’ link
  • If you don’t already have a login:
    • Fill out the Billing Details and include a Password for your New Account
    • Choose a payment method with PayPal or Stripe (both accept credit cards, see below)
    • Be sure to mark the checkbox ‘I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions’
    • Want to use your credit card? No Worries! Stripe and PayPal both provide the option to use your Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express. Please note, the monthly payment will be automatic and recurring through whichever method of payment you use.

I hope to see that you’ve decided to join our healing community. I look forward to sharing the journey together. It will be my distinct pleasure and honor to serve you.

Note: Memberships are not refundable or transferrable. Membership benefits and pricing are subject to change without notice. The subscription price increase does NOT apply to current active memberships. Your payment is recurring based on the membership you purchased. As long as you remain an active subscriber you are locked in to your original purchase price! (Please Note: this means, if your membership lapses, to sign up again, you will pay the current higher pricing).