Birth Rite Technology Membership

A BRT membership at any level is a great value and a smart investment!

BRT Membership benefits

Basic member benefits for all levels include:

  • Access to Tom’s weekly, two hour, Group Healing Calls
  • Birth Rite Technology Membership™ Secret Facebook Group Community
  • Access to a full year of previously Recorded Group Healing Calls
  • VIP Special announcements and options to buy new products at introductory prices and special early notice, before the general public even finds out they exist.

Note: Both of these subscriptions are set to auto-renew. Please be aware of this and take responsibility for the choice you are making, and to cancel it if you do not intend to renew. Thank you.

Spiritual Warrior Apprenticeship Program Subscription - Rev. Tom Hudson

Spiritual Warrior Apprenticeship Program Subscription

This bundled product subscription for $247/mo. is for those who are looking at spiritual growth as a steady continual devotion. It is designed to encourage a long term pursuit to deepen and enrich one’s relationship to Spirit, with Inner Self, and in so doing, achieve the potential of their Divine Birth Right Life.

Birth Rite Technology Spiritual Warrior Membership™ - Paid Monthly

Monthly Membership

The Monthly Payment Option of $33 offers all the same BRT Membership benefits, access to the weekly group healing calls, and FaceBook Community

About Group Healing Teleseminars

Tom sets the stage for your personal healing by starting the calls off with his Spiritual Hygiene™, Opening the Divine Chakra Prayer and the condensed version of Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS™ Guided Meditation; a very powerful beginning and worth coming to the call just for this.

Following the opening meditations, Tom addresses group healing topics such as: breaking free from mediocrity, tuning into Exuberant Ebullience using 5 Minutes to Freedom™ technique, entity release via exercising Spirit guided authority, no more martyrdom, release from the source of depression, anger, fear, release from the causes of dyslexia, and more. The group topics are followed by addressing personal issues, applying all the tools within Tom’s toolbox to affect deep core level release and resolution. (Includes the downloadable recordings.)

What Others Say About Our BRT Membership

Wow, what an incredible release from Saturday night’s Group Healing Call. I haven’t felt light and expansive like this for a while. I feel healed and able to focus on potential instead of caged in and no escape. I also kept closing my eyes to center and feel love and kept seeing a blue sphere of lite.

Pippa M

I just went back to the Group Healing Call replay of October 17, and got the spinal column energetic healing. It saved me from a doctor’s appointment. I feel so good now!

Glory Matma

Life is full of surprises, right! I had no idea that today would open up healing for me centered around self sabotage. I am so very grateful. Thank you beyond measure for your help. I am glad that you are so gifted and I thank Spirit for the connection.


My horse Magnum was constantly nipping at people. I had tried everything I knew to do and nothing stopped him. Tom said that Magnum in another life was a cat, Magnum was betrayed by his owner, run off into the wilderness and was feeling very defensive. Using me as the surrogate we told Mags that he would never be rejected or betrayed in this life and that I would prefer him to lick and nuzzle me rather than nip. The next day he licked me for the first time EVER!!! He also licked my husband. Great right!!! But that’s not all! Magnum ALWAYS had cuts and scratches on him. My other horse never gets cuts but Magnum looked like he’d been through a war. I’ve noticed that all his wounds are healing and there are NO FRESH CUTS! My farrier thought Mags looked bigger yesterday and I think that is because his energy is so different. I am so grateful to Tom Hudson and his amazing healing abilities and I recommend him for any type of problem.

Denise L

About the BRT Membership Facebook Group Page Community

The FaceBook Group is one of the most appreciated aspects of the premium Birth Rite Technology membership subscription. It provides a private and safe environment for you to share and receive support. You are not alone on your journey; just one post away from connecting with people who care about you.

The above testimonials were posted with the community and were found to be inspirational to many who further benefited in their own process by hearing the miracles that were happening in the lives of those who shared. It’s such a wonderfully warm feeling to have people who care to share and celebrate with.

Please know that this group is “Secret” which means it’s not visible to anyone who is not a member. We’ve created this community to assist you along your Rite of Passage into fulfilling your Birth Right Life Potential.

Birth Rite Technology Membership

A BRT membership at any level is a great value and a smart investment!

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I hope to see that you’ve decided to join our healing community. I look forward to sharing the journey together. It will be my distinct pleasure and honor to serve you.

Note: Memberships are not refundable or transferrable. Membership benefits and pricing are subject to change without notice. The subscription price increase does NOT apply to current active memberships. Your payment is recurring based on the membership you purchased. As long as you remain an active subscriber you are locked in to your original purchase price! (Please Note: this means, if your membership lapses, to sign up again, you will pay the current higher pricing).

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