‘Loving Hands’ Christmas Eve Group Healing Call cover art


You are invited to join Rev Tom Hudson in this Free to the Public Christmas Eve Group Healing Call.


We are “In Spirit’s Loving Hands” no matter what our circumstances.

The reality in which we live is an interactive theme park, designed to reflect back to us our state of being, providing instruction, opening us to enlightenment, to develop a deeper more intimate relationship with Spirit, to manifest Spirit’s purpose for creating us, and to fully express that Divine Spark which we all are.


Everything Truly is a Blessing. Thank you Spirit!!!

Come and enjoy the fun and euphoria provided by spirit as we decompress and expand contractile energies of our socio-cultural programming, to interface freely intimately and actively with the Creative Matrix of the Universe, to bring about spontaneous realization of our Birth Right Life potential, and the complete manifestation for which Spirit is creating us.


If you are on Facebook CLICK HERE to RSVP and share this opportunity with those you know will want to engage! If you don’t have Facebook then just copy the above verbiage and link and send to your friends.

Title: Christmas Special Healing Call
Date & Time: Sunday, December 24th at 10:00 AM Pacific
Attend by Phone: Guest pin code: 378568#
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5010
Secondary dial in number: (971) 240-4467
Full list of dial in Numbers: http://InstantTeleseminar.com/Local/?eventid=103077921
Event Page: https://iTeleseminar.com/103077921


Happy Holidays!!!
Divine Blessings, Rev Tom Hudson PhD

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