A smiling baby being tossed in the air laughing and filled with joy.


When the main focus is survival, we don’t have time to deal with emotions. So, these energies become crystalized in the vibration of our collective consciousness, and transform our natural state of being from our purpose. Feeling joy became unnatural as we accepted the stuffed, underlying intense and deep emotions: sadness, grief, exclusion and hopelessness.

Alongside with Spirit, Tom decompresses and expands a huge amount of stuffed contractile energy, after which we return to living freely in joy, allowing us to express openly the purpose for which Spirit is creating us. As we ask that our energy expand into the Creative Matrix of the Universe, this brings about spontaneously, over time, the realization of our Birth Right Life Potential and the complete manifestation of Spirit’s purpose for creating us. Come join with us in becoming free to embrace and embody the fulfillment of this purpose!


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