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In these challenging times, independent thinking is being challenged. It is threatening to those who have abandon their Authority. This Independance Day group call allows us to free ourselves from the insidious, destructive miasmal entity that dulls awareness and mental acuity, causing paralysis of our mind and causing bodily functions to go into shock.

Let’s get out of this state of zombification and survival, so we can exercise our distinct, individual, sentient being, free will authority!

Listen to Tom and speak along, adding your voice with his. May not work on all devices.

What we’re going to do is talk about this topic on a very detailed, very deep level, so that we can get the most out of it. 

The more you are aware of what it is, that’s doing, the better you can let it go, you can acknowledge it, on a deeper level, you can reject it on that level and you can allow Spirit, ask Spirit, 

and engage Spirit in decompressing and expanding it, and furthermore letting it go and removing it from your presence

So that you no longer have to be influenced on any level by this miasmal entity, so destructive, so insidious. 

It’s like a creeping paralysis of your mind.

So appropriate, so amazingly appropriate for Independence Day, by the way. Independent thinking is being challenged. 

Independent, distinct, individual authority is being threatened with this miasmal entity that dulls the mental acuity into oblivion, literally, 

as the brain is attempting to protect you from the emotional and psychological destruction to the physical body, when environmental trauma reaches a certain threshold and bodily function goes into shock. 

That’s what is going on here.

These energies of this miasmal entity are creating the perception of reality so that your physical body actually is shutting down and, in order to do that it shuts your mind, actually to prevent that it shuts your mind down. 

It shuts your head down, it shuts your thinking down. It brings you, it relegates you to survival repetition of patterns that are instinctual. It doesn’t allow you to have the higher-level thought patterns of philosophical perception of reality. 

It stops you from contemplating the meaning of life. It stops you from pursuing quality of life that is other than survival and hierarchy of those against and above those others who exist in competition for limited resources.

All of the people around you, around us, are becoming BRAIN DEAD ZOMBIES because of this energy. They’re just interacting with each other, carrying out pre-programmed patterns of behavior, and doing it in mindless ways. 

So, if you’ve noticed people becoming a little bit stupid lately, that’s what’s going on. They’re misperceiving reality, because of this. And also, completely unaware of the real time reality, of what’s really going on from the observer perspective.

They’re being attacked. Their very sentient-being quality authority is being attacked by this entity, by the frequencies of this entity.

It’s similar to when you leave work and find yourself at home without remembering even a moment of how you drove yourself there. It’s like that, except it’s permanent, and it’s across the board.

I didn’t even realize what Spirit was showing me last night as I was struggling to put words to paper and come up with the focus of today’s healing process. 

I experienced a dullness of awareness and capacity to perform what always comes naturally to me during the process of sharing that which Spirit is bringing to me to share with you.

I don’t have a problem with this. Something Spirit has gifted me with, and Spirit inspires me with that which is needed to be shared. So, I was dumbfounded why I couldn’t even do it last night.

It was only this morning as I was going about the mundane actions of feeding the dog and making coffee, setting out my vitamins for the day and taking dietary supplements, 

that I realized the dullness, loss of acuity, disorientation and loss of motivated focus on purpose, that is the focus and symptomatic expression of today’s Miasmal Entity, to numb us out to everything but that which is daily survival. 

They don’t want us perceiving anything beyond survival. And when I say “they”, I’m talking about the Illuminati and the ruling-class elites.  

They view us as cattle, they view us as a commodity to be harvested. They don’t want us to be uncontrollable. 

They don’t want us thinking for ourselves. They want us to be controlled in our every thought. And they’re doing it, through this miasmal entity.  

And they’re also doing it through the intrusion of 5G technology. That needs to stop.

And they’re also doing it by putting nanotechnology in the vaccines that they want to give us. That can’t be allowed.

This is what happens when people are exposed over a long enough period of time to heightened levels of loss of control and uncertainty, stress and anxiety toward stability, in carrying out their daily life tasks, that manifest their existence and provide for continuity of living standard.

This is what is making people susceptible, because automatically those who are not trained in maintaining a front brain perspective, those who are not training themselves and practicing being the observer, 

those who are just following along, doing the “Life is nothing but existence and then you die” routine, no matter what their religious belief system is, if they’re just doing it to do it, and they don’t have a relationship with God, and they’re just existing to exist, they’re susceptible to this. 

Everything that’s going on around us is causing these people who are just like, living from day-to-day in survival-based reality, it’s causing them to go numbed-out, and dull their already-limited, if non-existent abilities to think, 

and to perceive reality on a philosophical level that means anything, according to the quality of life, and especially that of eternal reality.

The big picture of environmental influences becomes blurred, the mental focus spontaneously turns toward the survival patterns of behavior which are carried out very well.  

People actually feel competent in acting out survival behaviors, because they’re good at it, and they’re so horribly bad at thinking. 

Because they don’t know what’s going on, they don’t understand that they’re being turned into zombies, because they already are, to a great extent.

Of all the Miasmal Entities that we have encountered, dismantled, and disengaged ourselves from, to this point, this one is the most insidious. 

It’s the most dangerous. Its effects will be hardly, if at all, noticed by, conservatively, 95% of the people because they live in this reality anyway.

But for me, having spent 30 years of daily devotion to maintaining my state of contemplative awareness within the Super-Consciousness, to experience this, has been a profoundly disturbing loss of clarity and focus. 

But I was willing to, and able to perceive that loss of focus as the observer.

My perception is that I was bordering on what might be experienced by someone who, if this is even possible, becomes aware, in detail, of the very process whereby they succumb to Alzheimer’s or other forms of senile dementia. 

But I was aware of it. I was the observer, watching it, feeling it, experiencing it happening to me, and Spirit brought that to me so I could share with you the vibrational frequencies that are attacking our mental acuity at this point in time, so that we can block it.

It is quite an interesting experience to be so lucidly aware of the loss of perceptual acuity and yet remain perfectly capable of describing it to you in such detail and full coherent knowledge of the loss,

and yet experiencing the loss simultaneously as though that loss of mental capacity has no influence upon my ability to share the experience with you. I don’t know how that’s possible, but thank You Spirit for that.

To put it another way, it feels like becoming aware of ceasing to exist, of being dismantled and “UN” – Created, which I am not at all sure is even possible, because if true, what part of me is, then, experiencing the process of evaporation from the matrix of reality?

Regardless of the process and how this is possible that I am bringing this to you, just think of the effects such an influence will have on those who are completely and totally unaware of this transition, and therefore incapable of making a decision NOT to participate.  

Human capacity to exercise and implement sentient being authority will no longer exist by the masses within this state of ZOMBI-fication.

The implications for continued existence of humanity as free thinking and distinct individual entities will disappear completely and society will drift into a state of science fiction reality depicted in many movies of artificial intelligence dominated futuristic nightmares. 

That’s what this energy is attempting to accomplish. That’s what this energy, these people who are creating this miasmal entity, that’s what they are, that’s the message that they’re sending out, that’s the influence they want to impose upon people.

Thank you Spirit for bringing awareness of this effects of this Miasmal Entity to us before it becomes too late, while we are able to perceive it and exercise our distinct, individual, sentient being, free will authority, 

to acknowledge it, reject it, and turn away from it, block it from interfering and influencing our perception of reality, turning instead to embrace the heightened awareness of expansion in euphoric joy and bliss of All-Encompassing-Love.

So, being here at this auspicious moment in history (what an experience, I’ll tell you!), experiencing the release of ego-consciousness, is not for the weak of heart. 

Many are leaving the planet (just dying out of fear) because they just aren’t prepared to deal with the overflow, the outflow, the realization of how terrified they are. That energy that’s coming from within them, they can’t escape it. 

And they don’t know how to deal with it. And they just shut down, or they kill themselves by direct action. So, be encouraged that Spirit has found you worthy of moving through this transition.

You would NOT be here listening to me today if that were not so.

Remember, it is promised that when we look to Spirit for support in our time of challenge, nothing is too great for us to conquer and rise above. 

Keep that in mind when you are challenged. It’s so easy to lose perspective of the observer when you become challenged. Stay within the observer reality and connect with Spirit, and you WILL be guided through it.  

That’s not only what Spirit promises, but that’s what I’ve experienced over the past 30 years of the challenges that I’ve faced, is that is absolutely critical. That is the most critical thing for you to do, is to stay in the observer perspective. 

Stay in touch with Spirit. Stay in expansion state of being. Stay in the forward focus, forebrain perception of contemplation within the super-consciousness. 

By doing that, the rest of it settles into a distant awareness. Instead of living the trauma, you become aware that there’s trauma going on around you. 

So, when all of human understanding, compassion, reason, and courage is exhausted, look to Spirit to provide that in you, which has fallen short of meeting your needs.

This is not the time to tough it out and go it on your own, relying on your own individual resources. Spirit is the source. Open to Receiving from Spirit that which you need.

So take care and be aware, to be even more loving and compassionate toward yourself and with those around you, who are also going through the same experience, or possibly, even many times worse than you can even imagine.

Spirit, please Quicken the hearts of all humanity to receive full realization of our true and All-Encompassing-Love nature.  Thank You.

So now, those who are listening to me, we are the guardians of the First WAVE within the transformation of the New Paradigm of Expansion. 

It is we who are actively turning away from the mind-numbing fear, that which, crushes the Passions of One’s Heart’s Desire, and we reject those perceptions that are forced upon us by the Survival-Based Reactive Patterns of the Reptilian Brain Complex.

Staying in the perception of the observer allows you to do that.

For us, our alternative choice is to align with the vibrational state of being that sets us free from the patterns of all Miasmal Entities. Remaining the observer prevents you from getting lost in the imposed influence of these miasmal entities.

Our salvation lies within the Euphoric Joy and Bliss of All-Encompassing-Love; experienced emotionally as Enthusiasm, Acceptance, Willingness, Assurance, Interest, Blessed with Equality, and Active Exploration in Faith through Hope with Passion.

The Sentient Being Authority of the Spiritual Warrior becomes Freely Expressed, arising from our Internal Commitment to the Manifestation of our Distinct and Individual Soul’s Purpose. We are not lost in the Oneness. We are distinct and individual aspects of Spirit having our own purpose.

Together, we stand in solidarity, holding our heads high, appreciated within our perception of self, proud and confident in our Spirit gifted perceptions of self-value, 

freely expressing life’s miraculous variability, each of us becomes a billboard for the limitless, eternal manifestation of Spirit’s Creative Potential. Can you imagine if we were all the same? 

What kind of a creative potential would a god like that have?  

If you’ve got a God that’s infinitely creative, that means all of us have to be infinitely distinct from each other at least in some way or another 

and the thought process that God went through to create each of us as individual, distinct aspects of Itself, provides nothing but infinite variability, because that’s who God is.

So, here’s what we do instead. Herald in the dawn of this new Age of Aquarius, acknowledge both contractile and expansion, honor all persons for what they bring to the equation. 

Don’t turn away from them because we don’t know what to do with them. But maybe what to do with them is to disengage, maybe that’s what you need to do with some people.  

Honor them for who they are and then disengage, because you guys are not going in the same direction as each other. That’s okay. By doing so, you embrace each equally and without apology.

By stepping into this state of being, we merge individual qualities into one expression of the POWER generated by Balanced, Compassionate, Self-Love & Acceptance, Appreciation for All and especially our Self-Worth as the Mature Spiritual Warrior.

Embrace daily application of one’s own sentient-being-authority, to live in the equality provided by euphoric expansion of All-Encompassing-Love.

This empowers us with awareness as Spirit’s Ordained Mature Spiritual Warriors that we are intended to be; as those who are In-Alignment with the Expansion Energies of Divine Presence; those who will reclaim our planet, receiving it as the heirs of our Divine Birthright Life Inheritance.

It is the expansion energy of Divine Presence, filling us through our open Divine Chakra, and living in the contemplative state of being from within the Super-Consciousness that provides us with our awareness and appreciation for the gift of Life.

Thank You, Spirit for bringing all of this to our conscious level of awareness to be acknowledged, rejected, dealt with, healed, expanded, decompressed and expanded where possible, 

and to embrace the expansion quality of euphoric joy and bliss within All-Encompassing Love. Thank You, Spirit.

So, that’s what has been brought to me. That is what we’re going to be dealing with, and that is what we’re going to introduce into the Awakened Expansion Protocol process, so that we get rid of that influence of that garbage out of our lives.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit, please show me all of these contractile energies of this miasmal entity that dull the mind and the senses and the awareness and make it impossible for contemplation of principle-based reality and the possibility of exerting the influence of sentient-being authority as the observer.

Spirit, thank You so much for bringing it to our attention. So, show us now all of these contractile energies that result in zombification. I’m not willing to go there. I’m not willing to have anything to do with this. 

I choose to be here and pursue the fulfillment of Your Soul’s purpose for me. I choose to express actively the passions of my Heart’s Desire that You instilled in me to motivate me to achieve my Soul’s purpose.

The energies of this miasmal entity are a threat to the achievement of that goal. So stand with me and get rid of these energies from my presence; and deliver me from the influence, the mind-numbing zombification influence that they have on people.

Spirit, please show me all of these contractile energies that I have witnessed, that I have participated in, that I have experienced, that I have observed in others, that have been projected at me

by those who would desire me to become a zombie, to control me, by those narcissistic, self-serving, corrupted, perverted ruling-class persons, those of survival orientation, who have programmed me in the socialization process to become like them.

I am not them, I am me. I refuse to give up my individual, distinct identity.

Spirit, please show me all of the contractile energies that I have experienced, that have been passed down to me through the genetic lineage of my ancestry, and all those energies that I have experienced in this and all of my lifetimes. 

Please include all of it, all those energies, that because of the threat made by other people, and my fear, and my inability to stand in my authority, that I took inside of me, and that I aligned myself with those frequencies.

Please show me all of those energies inside of me, and show me all of the energies that because of my participation in this way, I projected out at others, and spread a wider circle of violence against humanity.

Diagram showing the 7 Concentric Resonant Bands™ superimposed top down on the body

Spirit, please show me all of these contractile energies on all levels of awareness, as they occur within my Central Core Chamber, within my 7 Concentric Resonant Bands, within my Chakra System, within my physical and all my energy bodies, 

all those energies that I have accumulated within my personal environmental space, believing somehow that I was responsible for healing them, even though they are not mine.

Spirit, please show me all of the contractile energies that are currently, in this moment, actively being projected at me. Spirit, please show me all of these contractile energies now as a holographic image in front of me. Thank You.”

So now, when you focus into the space in front of you, Spirit has done exactly as you requested, and all of those energies are in a holographic image right there in front of you. 

It’s so overwhelming I want you to push your hands up in front of your face, and push away from this image, so that you can feel the image and you are distinct.

This image is not you and you are not it.

This helps us to maintain the observer perspective, instead of getting lost in it. So now, go ahead and just perceive what it is that Spirit has placed in front of you.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit, I acknowledge all of these contractile energies. Thank You for bringing them to my attention and my conscious level of awareness. 

I accept and embrace my full accountability for all of these energies. It is my freewill decision to decompress and expand all of them. Please do this for me now, Spirit. Thank You.”

So now when you check back into the space in front of you, you might perceive that somehow, it’s a little different. And that there’s also quite a bit of energy that’s still there. 

The difference between these two groups, the energy that dissipated and left the holographic image is no longer contractile, so it’s expansion energy now. And it left, because it’s no longer part of that holographic image.

That means that what’s left is still contractile, and it also means that it’s not your energy. It’s someone else’s energy.

The energy that left, you have authority to request of Spirit to transform it from contractile into expansion. 

So, that energy that’s left is not yours, because you don’t have the authority to request Spirit to transform it, so Spirit didn’t change it from contractile into expansion, so it’s still part of the contractile image.

That means it’s other people’s garbage. It means you have no authority over it. It means you have no power to transform it. It means you cannot possibly be responsible for it. It’s other people’s garbage. 

Only they can transform it. Only they are responsible for it, and they are not only responsible, but accountable for whatever this energy is all about. 

You are not accountable. They are. And you’re incapable of doing anything positive with this energy, because you have not been given the authority.

So, we can give it to Spirit, though, because there’s no reason why we have to tolerate this influence upon our being. Go ahead and reach out in front of you with your energy fingers and grab this energy in front of you, lift it up and out and away from you, and give it over to Spirit.

Speak along with Tom:

“Here, Spirit, take this energy from me now. I’m not willing to have it inside of my personal environmental space. I’m not willing to allow it to influence me. 

Remove all of it from inside of me and from around me, and disperse it at its own level of buoyancy to the fulfillment of Your purpose and Your intention. Thank You, Spirit.”

Now when you focus into the space in front of you, now it’s remarkably clearer than it was before. All of that garbage, all of that stuff, all that energy that’s someone else’s fear-based cursed energy garbage, all of that energy is no longer there. 

All of that energy is no longer influencing you. It’s gone. You have the authority to do that. And Spirit is perfectly capable of dealing with other people’s garbage energy, very effectively. 

So, this is not shirking your responsibility. This is handling your responsibility in the only way left, open to you, giving it over to Spirit.

Now, when you focus again back in the space in front of you, what you’re perceiving on this first layer, this first level that’s available to us is our own energy which participated in holding onto everyone else’s garbage. 

So, we’re going to get rid of that. We’re going to transform that now.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit, I acknowledge all of my remaining contractile energy. It is my freewill decision to decompress and expand all of my energy now. Please do this for me, Spirit. Thank You.”

So now you look back into the space in front of you, and it’s gone, instantly. That energy no longer is part of the holographic image because it’s no longer contractile.

The next layer in now, we are made available to work on, is the energy that we absorbed into our beings, 

that energy that because we were afraid to stand up and face the violence that was occurring against us because we were incapable as a small child to stand against the coercion of adult and constant and threatening persecution, that we succumbed to it. 

All that energy that’s inside of us was forced into us. Otherwise it wouldn’t be there.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit, I acknowledge all of this contractile energy that I absorbed into my being and created judgment interfaces from it, 

to compartmentalize my perception of reality and thereby validate and justify the violence that was being carried out against me so that I could tolerate existing within my environment.

Spirit, I am no longer willing to tolerate this abuse energy being inside of me. I’ve changed my mind. 

I acknowledge all of this contractile energy that exists within and around my Central Core Chamber, in between each of my 7 Concentric Bands, that energy that is lodged into my Chakra System, 

that energy that splits me into right and left halves, front and back halves, top and bottom halves. I acknowledge the energy that’s inside of and outside of the Coronal Layer of my Higher Self Band. 

I acknowledge all this energy, Spirit, as destructive and a violation against my person, imposed upon me by other people, and I’m no longer willing to tolerate it.”

Go ahead and reach inside of yourself with your energy fingers, grab ahold of this structure, it’s very stable. Go ahead and lift it up and out of your being and hand it over to Spirit.

Speak along with Tom:

“Here, Spirit, take this garbage from me now. It’s other people’s cursed energy. I’m no longer willing to experience their curse upon me. Take it and disperse it to the fulfillment of Your purpose, as it is Your intention. Thank You, Spirit.” 

Okay. So now, when you check back into the space in front of you, now it’s again, remarkably changed. It’s getting empty, each time emptier and emptier. 

The layer in that we can now work on is again, our energy that was not only tolerating, but participating, actively participating in absorbing that garbage energy inside of us. 

We were so afraid of being persecuted by the bullies in our lives, forcing us to conform to their fantasy world of limiting beliefs, that we took it inside, forcefully.

Well, we just gave it back. That energy no longer exists. But we need to transform the energy that is ours, that participated in that first, before we can move deeper.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit I acknowledge all of my contractile energy. It is my freewill decision to decompress and expand all of it. Please do this for me now. Thank You, Spirit.”

So now, what that leaves us is the awareness of those energies that are being projected at us, that are causing influence upon us from the outside.

There’s the grey noise of the collectives. Anybody and everybody who’s participating in the reality of this miasmal entity is projecting this energy out at others, to get them to be involved in it. 

It’s not being directed specifically at us, but it’s there, and it’s constant, and it’s an unwinnable battle between you and the environment that is constantly imposing itself on you, so we’re going to block it.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit, I choose, it is my freewill decision, to block all of this energy from reaching me. Please do this for me. Defend my right of freewill determination. 

Block this energy from reaching me and deflect it spontaneously away from me. And do this in this and all of my lifetimes.”

Okay now, there is some specific, very specific energy, being directed at us. The Churches. The energy of the rigid dogmatic belief systems of the churches. And I’m not being specific about any of them – all churches. 

They’re all the same. They all force themselves on their congregations, all of them. Because without their submission to the belief system, they’re excommunicated from the group. 

They’re forced to believe in what the group believes, or they’re excommunicated. That’s not expansion energy. That’s contraction energy. And that’s the energy that’s being projected at us.

Actually, before I stopped going to church, the last time I went to church, the very last day I went to church, the pastor stood up in front of the group and was talking about ‘us’, 

those of us who are pagans, those of us who are non-Christians, those of us who are New Age, those of us who are Satanic (is the word that they used). 

They’re the ones that believe in Satan, they’re the ones that propagate the name of Satan throughout reality, as well as the Satanists themselves. The guy didn’t even know what he was talking about, had no idea that he was talking to me.

That’s the energy that’s being projected out at everybody in the good people, from the good people, the good Christian people, the good other people in all of the religions who do that kind of thing, who are at war with those of us who are not part of their membership. That’s not very Christian.

That’s the energy that we’re being attacked with.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit, I hereby block all of that energy that’s being thrown at me, that’s being projected at me with malicious intent to violate my person, to judge me, wrongly of course, and to condemn me without authority. 

I deflect that energy, and it has to go back to them. It has to go back to the source.

Anybody and everybody projecting this judgmental, condemning energy at me, according to laws of karma, I refuse this energy, it’s going back to them.

They get to suffer the consequences of their own hatred. I’m not willing to receive it.”

Okay, that’s better. 

So, focus into the space in front of you. Now it’s very, very clean. Very, very clean. But there’s still a little bit left, of our own energy, so we’re going to focus on that.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit, I acknowledge all of my remaining contractile energy. It is my freewill decision to decompress and expand all of it; so that all of my energy interacts and interfaces within itself actively, freely and intimately, interacting with the Creative Matrix of the Universe,

to provide a clear, full and accurate perception of reality to spontaneously bring about full realization of my Birth Right Life Potential and the complete manifestation of my Soul’s purpose for which You are creating me.

Spirit, please fill me with conscious awareness of expansion so that I may fully embrace and embody Your intention of Your purpose for which You are creating me. Thank You, Spirit.

Spirit, please do all of these things for me and all of my extended family, including my genetic lineage; for all people who are here engaging in this process and all of their families and all of their genetic lineage.

And for all people who are going to participate in the replay, and for all their extended families and all their genetic lineage, and do this for all of us in all of our lifetimes.

Also please Spirit, extend this healing for those people of the collective consciousness who are open and willing to reject the contractile nature and to actively embrace the euphoric joy and bliss expansion of All-Encompassing love. Please do all of this for all of us now Spirit. Thank You.”

Belief in something that you don’t experience, belief in something that comes from someone else’s mouth, belief in a dogmatic, rigid, structured belief, out of fear of being excommunicated from the group; 

that takes a mind-numbing dismantling of consciousness. So, I’m pretty sure that the churches are imposing that same kind of miasmal entity upon the people who attend their church, upon the people who ultimately become the members and stay the members of their church. 

Because otherwise they’d leave. Because their curiosity would get them into trouble. So, they succumb. No more, Spirit. Take it all. Remove it all out of my life, permanently.

So, because of the inclusive nature of all that energy; it prevented us, until now, from releasing the emotional energies that are contained within our connective tissue. So, we’re going to do that now, make sure and get a clean sweep of all this.

Speak along with Tom:

“We release Unacceptable, Loveless and Unlovable / We are At-Peace and Calm 
We release Overwrought and Fuming / We are Answerable and Prepared
We release Bitter and Disappointed / We are Bold and Protected
We release Fed-Up-With and Skeptical / We are Clear-Channel and Clarity

We release Self-Pity, Unsure, Rutted and Holding-Onto / We are Secure and Letting-Go 
We release Non-Acknowledgement and Betrayal / We are Acknowledgment and Merciful 
We release Shoved Down My Throat and Swallowed / We are Credible and Visible
We release Undermining, Whining and Disposable / We are Supported and Integral

We release Forced-On, Compacted, Panic and Disoriented / We are Expansive, Free and Responsive
We release Dismissed, Blaming and Bewildered / We are Exploring and Action
We release Overwhelmed and Closed-Shut / We are Health, Well-Being and Vitality 
We release Miserly, Obligated and Possessive / We are Passive and Communion

We release Avoidance, Hatred, Storm and Rage / We are Exploration, Faith, Hope and Passion 
We release Numb and Untouchable / We are Accountable and Balanced
We release Mute and Imploding / We are Received and Expressive
We release Expectant, Envy, Sympathy, Self-serving and Demanding / We are Heightened Awareness, Empathy, Gratitude, Joy and Reconciliation”

Okay. Spirit, is there more to do with the spiritual hygiene prayer list? No. Okay. Some more to do with anything? No. Process complete. So, wonderful. Alright. 

Thank you everybody for attending, thank you for participating, thank you for investing in the process of healing the collective consciousness as well as yourselves, and your expanded families, of these kinds of miasmal entity influences, thank you for investing also in this as a legacy. 

Legacy of your existence, the legacy of what you bring to humanity. This is what we are gifting humanity with our being, the people that we are, that are a state of being, that are participating with our expanding as healing, experienced to all of the collective consciousness. 

I really sincerely believe that within at least many, if not all, of our lifetimes here, we are going to experience the transition, the flip-flop, the hundredth monkey transition from exceeding that hundredth monkey threshold where everybody all of a sudden, shifts into expansion. 

And it will be the dismantling of the contractile reality. And we’ll get to witness it. And I’m so looking forward to that!

Wasn’t that amazing?

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