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Taking risks and becoming committed to the path for which Spirit created us, is challenging, but necessary. It frightens others, and we often find people put blocks into our energy fields, out of their own fears. This is so challenging, that right in the middle of our self-freeing process an interference shows up. Tom stands firm for all of us, and challenges right back.

Then we receive the teaching of what the expansion state of being is, within the Creative Matrix of the universe. And Tom explains the commitment to the path, the momentum, power and passion that fulfills our purpose.

We release all kinds of contractile garbage that prevents us from doing that: symptoms put in our way by fearful people, our own holding-onto garbage energy, judgment interfaces, projection energies from egos, sub-cultures, self-righteous people and institutions who say we have to believe what they say.

We conclude the Awakened Expansion Protocol by asking Spirit to decompress and expand all of our remaining energy so that it interfaces completely with the Creative Matrix of the Universe to bring about our divine Birth Right Life Potential and Spirit’s purpose for us. The energy becomes completely different and amazingly different

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Listen to Tom and follow along, adding your voice with his  (33:22.5-52:21.1_2017-02-11)

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