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When life challenges become overwhelming, and we’re not able to match up the results we get with our expectation, it can feel like we are inadequate to achieve our life purpose, our ability to succeed becomes shaken, and we perceive ourselves as a failure.

During this session, alongside with Spirit, we will rid ourselves of the contractile energies associated with our self-punishing misperception that creates the feeling that we are a failure, to once again fully embrace and embody Spirit’s purpose for creating us!



Listen to Tom and speak along, adding your voice with his. May not work on all devices.


Today’s topic is to rid ourselves of the contractile energies that are associated with the feeling that we are a failure.

I’m pretty sure that everybody has had that feeling at least once. It’s pretty common to humanity. If you haven’t, then you’re really lucky, and Hallelujah, God bless you.

But the rest of us really want to get rid of this, I’m pretty sure we all do.

This feeling comes along with having a whole bunch of stuff happen simultaneously, where nothing’s going our way, nothing’s working right,

and then on top of that someone has something really negative and nasty to say about how stupid or how incompetent or how whatever they disapprove of us,

judgmental, condemnation and that kind of stuff, ridicule, just being nasty and uncaring about the way you feel in the moment, then all of a sudden, you just take all of that and somehow experience it as real.

So this is a very broad, catchall kind of a topic here. But the bottom line is somehow we have taken on the experience that we’re not able to match up to the purpose for which we were created.

We’re not able to be sufficient, we are not able to succeed at what it is that we’re here for, and that we have failed.

And we have now claimed ourselves as being a failure, instead of having failed something, instead of having something not work out, and then climbing back on the horse and going at it again, we have owned it as being an identity, victim status.

Well that’s the energy that we want to get rid of. And we also want to get rid of the negative attacks that are associated with having a person go that deep into their victim reality to actually experience being a failure.

So, the Awakened Expansion Protocol. And please engage fully with this verbally and physically, that gets you the maximum benefit from the process.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit, please show me all of the contractile energy that I have experienced, that I have witnessed, that I have participated in, associated with feeling like I’m a failure, associated with all of those behaviors projected at me,

of ridicule, and punishment and judgment and condemnation and accusations of being no good, and being stupid, and being unworthy, and being unacceptable, and being inadequate.

Sometimes it’s just a look. Sometimes it’s just a look of derision and disgust coming from the other person. So all of that negative energy projected at me, experienced by me, as I’m a failure.

And all that energy of the other person projecting at me, that I absorbed into my being, in order to justify their behavior, and in order to justify my experience of being a failure and a victim.

And Spirit please show me all of the contractile energy that because of my participation, I projected out at others.

Please show me all of this energy as it has occurred throughout all of this lifetime, and throughout all of my lifetimes and that which has been passed down to me through the distorted energy of my genetic lineage of my ancestors.

Diagram showing the 7 Concentric Resonant Bands™ superimposed top down on the body

Please show me all of this contractile energy on all levels of awareness as it occurs within my Central Core Chamber, my 7 Concentric Bands, within anywhere and everywhere that it lodges in my Chakra System,

within my physical and all of my energy bodies and that I have allowed to accumulate, carried around with me, all of this energy, within my personal environmental space.

As well as all that actively projected malicious or just mindless intention energy coming in towards me from external environmental sources.

Spirit please show me all of this energy now, as a holographic image in front of me.”

Okay now, this is the absolutely critical part of this, where you – in order to have the authority to do any further benefit, you have to perceive that energy that Spirit has placed in front of you.

Because Spirit has done exactly as you requested, and all of that garbage is right there, right in front of you. And in order to have any authority over it, you need to acknowledge that it exists.

So, just go ahead and check it out, it doesn’t matter whether you can perceive anything consciously about it or not, just focus your attention into the space in front of you, become aware of whatever it is you are aware of, and then we can move forward.  Good. Okay.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit, I acknowledge all of this contractile energy. Thank You for bringing it to my attention. I accept and embrace my full accountability for all of this energy. It is my freewill decision to decompress and expand all of this energy. Spirit, please do this for me now.”

So now, again, check back in, your awareness of the space in front of you and you might notice that there’s something different.

What’s changed is the energy that was yours, Spirit immediately and instantly transformed it into expansion-oriented energy, and so it’s no longer part of this holographic image of contractile energy.

So that means that whatever is there that’s left, is not your energy. And it also means that the reason it’s still there is because Spirit couldn’t do what you ask, because you didn’t have the authority to actually ask it, because it’s someone else’s energy.

You can’t just go around changing someone else’s energy from contraction into expansion. It’s not ours to do, obviously, because otherwise everything would be gone.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit, I acknowledge all of this remaining contractile energy as fear-based energy that was projected at me by other people and other beings. Cursed energy, nothing but negative, whether it’s malicious or just by mindless intention, doesn’t matter.

It’s negative, no benefit energy. I acknowledge it for what it is, and it’s not mine. I’ve been pretending to be responsible for this energy, carrying it around with me.

Well, I’ve changed my mind. I’m no longer willing to do that. I’m sick and tired of the way it makes me feel.

It provides me with no benefit. Nothing but a drain on my resources. And it blocks me from my achieving my potential. So Spirit I’m going to give it all to You.”

So now, just go ahead and grab this energy, just grab it in front of you by your intention, just grab it with your hands physically and lift it away from you and hand it over to Spirit.

Speak along with Tom:

“Here Spirit take this energy from me now. It’s not mine. It’s someone else’s, I can’t do anything with it, and I know You can. So take it from me now Spirit, and disperse all of this energy from within and around me, out into the ALL THAT IS, at its own level of buoyancy…”

Okay, go ahead and get rid of it, let it go if you haven’t already.

Speak along with Tom:

“… out into the ALL THAT IS at its own level of buoyancy to the fulfillment of Your purpose and Your intention. Thank You, Spirit.”

Okay, wonderful now, check back into the space in front of you and you’re going to notice that this is remarkably different than it was just a minute ago, because all of that garbage energy that was someone else’s stuff, that you’ve been carrying around with you, is gone.

Now there’s still some stuff here. Some of it is your energy that was participating in holding on to all of that contractile garbage. So we’re going to deal with that next.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit, I acknowledge all of my remaining contractile energy that was holding on to and interfacing with everyone else’s garbage. I acknowledge it for what it is, and it is my freewill decision to decompress and expand it as well. Please do that for me now. Thank You.”

Ok and so instantly as soon as you asked, then it’s done. It’s gone. That’s what happens when you ask, and you have the authority to ask. Instantly.

Now check back in to the holographic image again, and what you’re going to see or perceive, is that there’s still additional stuff here, and the layer that we’re next able to work on is that garbage energy, that cursed energy, fear-based projected energy that we absorbed into our beings.

And we did that to justify the abusive behavior that was being carried out against us, and we did that to justify that behavior by feeling worthless and like a failure.

So we participated in this whole scenario of abuser and abusee, we participated in that by becoming the abusee. And then sometimes probably the abuser. Because the energy it’s like two sides of a coin. Same coin but two different manifestations. Same reality.

So now we’re going to get rid of that garbage from inside of us.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit I acknowledge all of this contractile energy that I absorbed into my being and created into judgment interface structure,

to compartmentalize my perception of reality and to justify and validate the abuse of those people who projected their garbage at me and to validate and justify my feeling the victim, and pretending like I’m a failure.

I acknowledge all of this energy as it occurs within and surrounding my Central Core Chamber, in between each of my 7 Concentric Bands, inside and outside of the Coronal Layer of my Higher Self Band,

as it occurs anywhere and everywhere within my Chakra System and that energy that splits me into right and left halves, and front and back halves, and top and bottom halves.

I acknowledge all of this and I’m no longer willing to tolerate it inside of me.”

Now just go ahead, by your intention, and physically grab this stuff out of you, and lift it out and hold it out for Spirit to take.

Speak along with Tom:

“Here, Spirit, take this. I’m not willing to have it inside of me anymore. There’s no space for it within me. I will not authorize it any longer. I reject it as garbage. I’m giving it to You, Spirit.

Take it from me now. Thank You. And disperse it to the fulfillment of Your purpose and Your intention. Thank You, Spirit.”

Focusing back into the space in front of you, now that’s remarkably different again.  Excellent.

There is some stuff remaining, but it’s not much. It’s the black noise associated with the collective consciousness vibrating with the frequencies of this victim reality of the abusive nature and also the victim counterpart. There’s nothing specific-orientation about it, which is good. That’s excellent.

But it’s still there, and if we leave it there, it will just ultimately wear us down, and just from the constant pressure of it being there. So we need to deal with that also.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit, I acknowledge all of this contractile, cursed, black noise energy that’s being projected at me by all aspects of the collective consciousness that are participating in this abusive-victim scenario.

I acknowledge it for what it is. It’s garbage. It’s fear-based, cursed, garbage energy.   And it is my freewill decision to block all of this energy from reaching me. That is my decision. I reject all of it. I’m not curious about it, I know what it does, I know how it feels.

And I’m no longer willing to participate. I choose to say No. So it’s my decision to block all of this energy and to deflect it away from me, spontaneously, immediately getting rid of it.

Spirit, please defend my right of freewill determination, and do this for me, so that I don’t even have to be influenced by its presence any longer. Thank You, Spirit.”

Okay, marvelous. Now, focusing back into the holographic image again, or the space that’s there in front of you, because there’s very little left, now.

There is just a smattering of contractile energy, and this, what is left now, is energy that’s contractile, but it’s not associated with anything to do with this particular topic directly.

But we’re going to do a clean wash here, and get rid of it, just because it’s there, and because we can.

Speak along with Tom:

“Spirit, I acknowledge all of this remaining contractile energy, no matter what the topic is, doesn’t matter. I’m not willing to tolerate my energy being in a contractile state any longer.

It is my free will decision to decompress and expand all of my energy. Please do this for me now so that all of my energy intermingles and interfaces within itself, intimately, freely and actively expanding into the Creative Matrix of the Universe,

to provide a full and complete and accurate perception of reality, and a spontaneous realization of my Birth Right Life Potential and the complete manifestation of Your purpose for creating me.

Spirit, please fill me with conscious awareness of expansion so that I may fully embrace and embody Your intention of Your purpose for which You are creating me. Spirit, please do all of this, everything that I’ve requested, do it all for me now.

And do it throughout all of this lifetime, and all of my lifetimes, and also extend it to all members of the collective consciousness who are willing to share in this healing process and receive the benefit. Thank You, Spirit.”

Okay marvelous. All right. So let’s see; very definitely we’ve got some emotional energy that needs to be cleared away before we move into something else here, on the Emotional Matrix.

Speak along with Tom:

“I release Uncared-For and Unloved / I am Safe and Quiet
I release Incensed and Furious / I am Adequate and Receptive
I release Let-Down and Not-Heard / I am Daring and Motivated
I release Jealous and Competitive / I am Able-to-Respond and Cooperative

I release Forced-On, Compacted, Panic and Disoriented / I am Expansive, Free and Responsive
I release Dismissed, Blaming and Bewildered / I am Exploring and Action
I release Overwhelmed and Closed-Shut / I am Health, Well-Being and Vitality
I release Miserly, Obligated and Possessive / I am Passive and Communion”

All right. So that’s it for the general aspect here.

Wasn't that amazing?

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