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Let’s free ourselves from the energy associated with the experience of excommunication, and all of the fear-based terror, behaviors and belief systems that go along with it.

With Spirit’s help, Tom decompresses and expands this oppressing energy, so we can freely express the purpose for which Spirit is creating us.

Listen to Tom and speak along, adding your voice with his. May not work on all devices.

Today’s topic is really pretty intense. And the energy is testifying to that, and there’s massive amount of fear running here. It’s just incredible, it’s like thick enough to cut.

But that doesn’t surprise me, given what Spirit has brought to us for us to deal with today.  

Because we’re talking about mass hysteria that’s being driven by fear and threats of being ostracized and rejected, and abandoned, and pushed away out of the community. 

I mean we’re talking about literally threatening people with life-threatening situations, like, back in the day when excommunication was being used commonly with churches, 

and it literally meant that if you were not walking the path that was ordained by the church, then you couldn’t even live in the community.

You lost everything. You lost brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandparents, grandmothers, wives, children, everything.  Everything could be stripped from you instantly. 

All that had to happen was someone in the hierarchy of the church had to have a problem with you in something you believed, in something you said, to the point of wanting to get rid of you and all of a sudden you were ousted.

It is a life-threatening situation in those circumstances, back in the day, Middle Ages and the Dark Ages of humanity.  

We are dealing with the residue that has been left behind within the collective consciousness, and frankly there’s a whole lot of it still.  

The last time I went to a Christian church, I thought they were doing a pretty decent job of speaking love and compassion and all of that, 

and then all of a sudden they started talking about things they didn’t know anything about, and prejudicially slamming and condemning and judging people who are like me.  

So of course I left, because I’m not interested in participating in that again in this lifetime.

I’ve done it several times in other lifetimes and it’s not fun and it’s not worth it and I’m sick and tired of it.  

And then that Bishop John Spong – his videos being aired on Facebook all over the place, and we’re talking viral, millions upon millions of viewings on Facebook. 

This whole enlightened exposing of all of this garbage that’s coming up. It’s like, consistent with what it is that we’re doing today – is basically, and the reason I bring up what he was talking about, which is: 

The church literally manipulated everybody by creating fear and trauma and terror of hell. Basically he says that the church created the whole concept of hell. It doesn’t surprise me at all. 

They’re still talking about sin, even though supposedly (and I’m not here to promote a particular belief system), 

but according to their belief system, what Jesus did on the cross, was he annihilated the inner sanctum of the temple, the most inner part of the temple was now open to anybody.   

So that is what I read in the Bible, and I read it through, multiple times. So I really do know what I’m talking about. 

And at the moment of his passing, the moment of his transition, those curtains that kept the Ark of the Covenant separated from all of the other parts of the temple, 

making it so that only the priests could go in, they were ripped in shreds, meaning that anybody could go in. 

The problem is the church is still promoting sin, as though it’s still impactful. They’re ignoring their own teachings, they’re ignoring what it says in the Bible,

they are still acting as though they are the people who are between the rest of us and God, and we can’t talk to God all on our own. 

So, here’s the problem with this. And here’s the reason I’m bringing it up, is because that group of people promoted terror within the masses so that they could be controlled. 

And then if anybody had any dissenting kind of comments, any dissenting kind of attitudes, and they didn’t follow along like sheeple, repeating and regurgitation anything that came from out of the pulpit, then they were in danger of being excommunicated.  

And that’s what this is all about.

And what is excommunication? It’s basically a combined social, political and religious rejection, ostracization, and expulsion of an individual from the organization, which actually in this case, in most of the cases when this is being done in the Middle and the Dark Ages, 

meant that you had to leave the community, because people were going to kill you if you were seen in the streets. 

Because they didn’t want you around, because they didn’t want what you had rubbing off on them because they didn’t want to be excommunicated along with you.  

That was the real reason. They were terrified.

Terrified of the hierarchy of the leadership of this body of control, the church, and this is what was imprinted, 

impregnated into and what they desired was everlastingly to manipulate the collective consciousness of humanity so they could maintain control over everybody. 

Well, nuts to that. Not going to do it, I don’t cooperate. I’m not one of those people that cooperates very well. I’ve got my own mind and I speak my truth in any kind of reasonable reality.

I won’t go into a church where they believe what I just said is satanic and just because it’s none of their business what I think, it’s not going to help them. But, within a group of people who want to hear what I have to say, here it is.

It’s time for us to rid the collective consciousness, not only ourselves – and by all means we’re going to deal with this and decompress and expand all of our own energy, get rid of this garbage out of our lives,

but we also want to do this for as many aspects, as many members, as much of the collective consciousness throughout this lifetime and all lifetimes, aligned with the release of this garbage so that humanity can be rid of this oppression. 

Totally gone. That’s my will, I want it gone. We don’t need this anymore. So that’s what we’re about ready to do.

There’s some catch up that I need to do with some of the people who are brand new, that have just recently come into our group.  Welcome to everybody.

Open Into The Creative Matrix Of The Universe™ - Rev. Tom Hudson

First of all, the whole concept of expanding energy comes in alignment with the expansion of the DNA. When the DNA expands out, then it can be transcribed, it actually gives instructions to the cell to do what it needs to do. 

That’s the only time that the DNA can give instructions, is when it’s in its expanded state of being.  

Otherwise it’s in the contracted chromosomal state, not giving instructions. And the cell goes about doing what it was already programmed to do from previous instructions.

The cell mass actually takes those instructions (and the cell mass we can call that the cellular Creative Matrix), takes those instructions and actually creates products, biochemical products and then that’s the working of the cell. 

You’ve heard of that whole statement ‘As above so below’, well here we are, we are talking about now the expanded reflection of the DNA reality, and we’re talking about our own state of being in our own energy bodies, 

in our own characteristic vibration, vibrational energies, when we exist in a contractile state of being, then we’re like the DNA that’s protecting itself from the free radical destruction in the chromosomal state. It’s out of fear of destruction. 

Well, if we are in a state of contraction, it’s because we’re afraid.  And now here’s where the parallel drifts a little bit.

When we are in a contractile state of being, the Creative Matrix of the Universe is still manifesting, is still reflecting that state of being, and it manifests for us, right in front of us, to watch and to view and to experience, that actual energy state of being.

It manifested in third dimensional reality for us to look at and to perceive and to know what it is that we’re vibrating with. 

So we don’t get the luxury of having it not manifest anything, ever.  

It’s constantly manifesting that which we are vibrating with so when we are in a contractile state of being, that’s what it’s manifesting, is the contractile message of fear that we are bringing to it.

It makes sense that we will want to actually expand our state of being, expand all of that contractile energy that is ours, so that we are now in an expansion state of being, and now we’re giving it a totally different message.

We’re giving it a message of love, bliss joy, happiness, peace on earth, and I care about everybody and I want that to be manifested within the collective consciousness and by the Creative Matrix of the Universe.

And it’s done spontaneously, actively as long as you’re in an expansion state of being.

So of course my goal is to get everybody into an expansion state of being as much as possible. And that’s what we’re doing here.

Diagram showing the 7 Concentric Resonant Bands™ superimposed top down on the body

Now one of the other things that we need to talk about just briefly, is that there are 7 Concentric Bands that encompass your Central Core of your Chakra System. 

From the top, the Crown down to the root, that Central Core is surrounded by 7 Concentric Bands of characteristic vibrational frequencies.

That’s all we have time to go into, I really can’t talk about it much more than that. But just so that you know what I’m going to be referencing.

These Bands are actually cylinders, concentric cylinders, the whole length of the body,

and they interact with the Chakra System in this manner. So as the bands go from internal to external, and going outward, then they actually interface with the lotus flowers of the Chakras.

That’s the mini-lesson on that. There’s a whole 8-hour workshop on it, but that’s the mini-lesson, just enough so that you can know what we’re doing here.

Now we’re going to decompress and expand all of the fear-based contractile energy that’s associated with both experiences.  Not just the ones who are being persecuted (actually three different experiences).

The people who are doing the judging, condemning, persecuting and controlling and  manipulating of the masses, that’s one focal point of this experience.

Another focal point of experience is the people who are buying into it out of fear, being condemned and judged and persecuted. That’s another focal point of this experience.

And then the third one is those people who are actually being hunted down, the witch hunt concept of, they don’t want any dissenting voice to be heard within the masses because that loses them control. 

So these are the dissenting voice, the people who are just terrified, and they go along with it, and they persecute these people out of fear, 

because they don’t want to be, even if they think it, they don’t want to be linked in with whatever this person said, because they don’t want to suffer the same consequences.

And then the people who propagate this whole control-manipulation reality.

These are the three different states of energetic contraction that we’re talking about, here.

It’s best if you can come along with me for the ride here, fully engage, verbally out loud. Speak it. I’ll leave as much room as I can for people to engage this way, every once in a while as you can tell I get a little passionate, but I’ll do my best.

Speak along with Tom

“Spirit please show me all of the contractile energy that I have experienced and that I have participated in, associated with the events and acts and experience of excommunication;

and all of the fear-based terror, behaviors and belief systems that go along with it, and all of the malicious and self-serving motivations that are part of those who propagate this act of violence upon humanity. 

Please show me all of this contractile energy in all aspects of this circumstance and situation, and these events, and all of that energy that’s being projected at me by external environmental sources.

And that energy that out of my own fear I’ve absorbed into my being so as not to be seen separate from the crowd, so as not to draw attention to myself, for having dissenting opinions and attitudes,

and because of my participation all of that contractile energy that I have projected out at others, to sustain and maintain the cycle of abuse and violence and suppression and propagation of control. 

I’m no longer willing to participate in any of this. So Spirit please show it to me now, all of it, on all levels of awareness as I have experienced it throughout all of this lifetime, and all of my lifetimes.

As it has been passed down to me throughout all of the distorted vibrational frequencies of the genetic lineage of my ancestors.

Spirit please show me all of this contractile energy as it occurs within and around my Central Core Chamber, within all seven of my 7 Concentric Bands, within every aspect of my Chakra System, within my physical and all of my energy bodies,

and all that energy that I’ve accumulated and carried around with me within my personal environmental space,

and finally all of that energy that is currently and actively being projected at me and imposed upon me, all that cursed energy from external environmental sources, attempting to get me to participate and punishing me for not, and threatening me. 

I want to see all of it Spirit, show all of it to me now.  Show it to me now as a holographic image in front of me.” 

Now, it’s absolutely critical at this point in time that you need to shift your focus into the space in front of you. The rest of the success of what we do next is dependent upon you doing this, so please do this.

It doesn’t matter what it is you perceive, what’s important is that you focus your intention and your perceptual awareness into the space in front of you.

And whatever it is that you experience, it’s based upon your gift, the grace of Spirit, that is allowing you to perceive whatever it is you’re ready and capable of perceiving. That’s all that needs to be done. 

So it’s all individual. Just perceive what’s there. And if your mind can’t even comprehend what it is that we’re doing, that’s okay. It’s all right.

Speak along with Tom

“Spirit I acknowledge all of this energy. Thank You for bringing it to my attention and my awareness. I accept and embrace my full accountability for all of this energy. Spirit it is my freewill decision to decompress and expand all of this energy. 

Please do this for me now. Thank You Spirit.”

Now again, focus your attention into the space in front of you; and you may notice that something has changed. It may be not very much. There’s a reason for that. 

But whatever of that energy that was there that’s gone, that is your energy and Spirit did exactly what you asked, and that energy has been decompressed and expanded and is no longer part of this hologram because this is a contractile energy hologram.

And that means that all of whatever is there is not yours. And you don’t have the authority to request it, because otherwise Spirit would have already done it.

But that doesn’t mean we’re stuck with it. We’re going to deal with all of this stuff now.

Speak along with Tom

“Spirit I acknowledge all of the remaining contractile energy for exactly what it is, other people’s garbage. It’s other people’s fear-based cursed energy that has been projected at me,

and that out of fear I chose to carry it around with me so that I wouldn’t call attention to myself, so that I would be like everyone else. Well I’m done with this. I’ve changed my mind. 

I obviously have no authority over this energy, to have You change it in any way because it’s still here. If I had authority, it would be because I was accountable for it. Therefore I am not accountable for it because it’s not mine.

And so the only responsible thing I can do is give it to You. So that’s what I’m going to do, Spirit.”

Now, it’s really important everyone, just grab the energy in front of you, just by your intention grab it and lift it forward to Spirit. 

Speak along with Tom

“Spirit here take this energy from me. Take all of it. It’s not mine. I’m powerless to do anything about it, to make it any better. I have no authority to do that. So I’m giving it to You, Spirit. Take all of it from me now. Thank You, Spirit.

And disperse it out into the ALL THAT IS at its own level of buoyancy to the fulfillment of Your purpose as it is Your intention.  Thank You Spirit.”

Focus back into the space in front of you. And now I would imagine that it is remarkably different than it was the first time.  Well, that’s because all of that garbage that we’ve been carrying around with us, is no longer there. It’s gone. 

Because it was someone else’s stuff. Now, what’s left, the next layer, what we’re going to deal with, is the stuff that was our energy, that was contractile, that was holding onto all of this other garbage.

We need to deal with that next, because we couldn’t deal with that the first time, because it was busy holding onto all this garbage.

Speak along with Tom

“Spirit I acknowledge all of my remaining contractile energy. It is my freewill decision to decompress and expand all of it.  Please do this for me now.  Thank You, Spirit.”

As you can see, focusing back into the holographic image, it’s instantly gone. Just, Boom! Bam! You ask, and it’s gone. That’s what happens when you have the authority to ask, Spirit instantly does exactly what you asked. 

So all of that energy that was holding onto all that garbage is now expanded, decompressed and expanded and no longer part of this holographic image. Thank You Spirit.

So now we still got some more stuff left here.  

This is the energy that we absorbed into our beings, is projected at us by those people imposing upon us, either they were the propagators of this ruse and the manipulation and the controlling of others,

or they were people who went along with it for whatever reason, for their own gain, or possibly just because they were terrified. They didn’t want to be hunted down in a witch hunt. 

No matter how it got here, we took this energy into our beings and absorbed it into ourselves to alter our perception of reality so that that we were no longer confronted by the abusive nature of this system, of this pattern, of these actions.  

So that we’d fit in better, without having constant internal conflict over it. So that’s what we’re going to deal with next.

Speak along with Tom

“Spirit I acknowledge all of this contractile energy that I took into my being and absorbed and created from it, judgment interfaces to compartmentalize my perception of reality

and to validate and justify the behavior of these abusive acts and this abusive behavior that was imposed upon all of us. I’m no longer willing to shift my perception of reality to justify this. 

So I’m going to give it all to You Spirit. I acknowledge all of the energy that’s within and around my Central Core Chamber, in between each of my 7 Concentric Bands,

inside and outside of the Coronal Layer of my Higher Self Band, anywhere and everywhere within my Chakra System, that energy that splits me into right and left halves, front and back halves and top and bottom halves. 

I acknowledge all of this contractile energy and the judgment interfaces that I created from it.”

So go ahead and just grab this structure now, it’s very stable, all you have to do, is by your intention, just grab it and lift it out of yourself and hand it over to Spirit.

Speak along with Tom

“Here you go Spirit, take this from me now please. I’m no longer willing to give space for it within my being. I’m no longer willing to participate or authorize its presence within my life.

Take it from me now please, all of it. And disperse it out into the ALL THAT IS at its own level of buoyancy to the fulfillment of Your purpose as it is Your intention.”

If you haven’t already, make sure you let go of it, so Spirit can take it from you. 

Speak along with Tom

“Thank You, Spirit.”

Okay now when you focus into the space in front of you, that’s again remarkably quite different. 

But there’s still garbage coming in from the outside, and as you might imagine, the biggest contributor of that garbage is coming from the churches. 

And when I say ‘churches’ I’m not singling any one church out. 

Any organization that has a membership requirement of agreeing to and signing a paper that says ‘I vow and I agree and I believe that these are the inerrant words of God, 

and this is my truth, and I align myself with this’, basically that’s saying that everyone else is wrong.  

Any organization that has that kind of membership agreement that you have to sign, is what we’re talking about.

And I guarantee you that if you become a member of an organized church, you have to sign one of those. Because otherwise you don’t get a vote, you don’t get to say your piece in the organized meetings that govern the body.

So that’s where this garbage is being projected at us from, as well as all of the collective consciousness that is buying into it, because of the fear of being excommunicated,

and being ostracized, being manipulated, and being condemned and all of this negative stuff that has been projected out by these people. 

And man they’ve done so much damage. I mean the Spanish Inquisition is just an example. Horrible torture of, I would imagine, 90% plus, innocent people. Anyway.

Speak along with Tom

“We’re not willing to put up with this anymore, Spirit. I’m not willing to put up with it. I acknowledge all of this energy that’s being projected at me. 

It’s coming in from the churches and other people who are supporting this behavior from the collective consciousness.

I acknowledge it for what it is. It’s just their fear-based garbage. It’s cursed energy. It’s literally being projected at me to curse my life with the belief system of their fear-based control and manipulation. 

And I’m not willing to be controlled. I’m not willing to be manipulated. I’m not willing to participate in this at all.

So it is my freewill decision to block all of this energy from reaching me and to spontaneously deflect it away from me out into the ALL THAT IS.

At its own level of buoyancy. I’m no longer willing to watch this TV show, or listen to this radio station. It’s garbage energy.

I have no curiosity about it whatsoever. There’s no validity or value for it within my life. I have something better to do with my life. 

So please block all of this energy from reaching me. Please do it for me, so that I don’t have to waste anymore time on it.  Thank You Spirit.”

Now, focus back into the space in front of you. And I would imagine that it is almost unrecognizably different from the way it was before. 

But yet there’s still a little bit. What I’m perceiving is shimmering. But there’s still some stuff.

And what’s left is the energy of my own contractile reality that is not directly related to this topic. But yet it’s still contractile, and anything that is contractile has something in common with what we just dealt with. 

So it’s time to get rid of that also.

Speak along with Tom

“Spirit I acknowledge all of my remaining contractile energy no matter what it’s about. It doesn’t matter. If it’s contractile, I want it expanded. 

This is my freewill decision. Please decompress and expand all of my contractile energy of my being, so that all of my energy intermingles and interacts spontaneously, freely and intimately within itself, 

expanding out into the Creative Matrix of the Universe to provide me with a full and accurate perception of reality and to spontaneously bring about

the full realization of my Birth Right Life Potential and the complete manifestation of Your purpose for creating me. Spirit please fill me with conscious awareness of expansion

so that I may fully embrace and embody Your intention of Your purpose for which You are creating me. Spirit please do this for me now, all of it. 

And please extend this healing grace to all members of the collective consciousness throughout all time frames, throughout all time continuums and throughout all dimensions,

so that all have the opportunity to be healed from this cursed energy. Please do this for me now. Thank You Spirit.”

Okay, excellent. All right, everybody. That’s wonderful. Thank you for your assistance in participating in this process. It was a big one. 

Not all of them take that much time, they’re not all are that intense, but it seems like the last three have been about the same.  

Maybe things are just winding up, maybe things are getting more intense as we move into the process of the expansion paradigm. Anyway.

So we’re gonna finish this group process up with getting rid of some of the emotional energy that’s associated with it, that can now be released.

Again follow along with me and repeat what I’m saying – those of you who are unfamiliar with what we’re doing here.

Speak along with Tom

“I release Uncared-For and Unloved / I am Safe and Quiet
I release Incensed and Furious / I am Adequate and Receptive
I release Let-Down and Not-Heard / I am Daring and Motivated
I release Jealous and Competitive / I am Able-to-Respond and Cooperative

I release Self-Pity, Unsure, Rutted and Holding-Onto / I am Secure and Letting-Go
I release Non-Acknowledgement and Betrayal / I am Acknowledgment and Merciful
I release Shoved Down My Throat and Swallowed / I am Credible and Visible
I release Undermining, Whining and Disposable / I am Supported and Integral”

It didn’t take as long as I thought it would. We were able to get rid of some of the emotional energy that was energy cloud for the group that was not specific towards any individual.

Wasn’t that amazing?

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