Embracing Oneness and Distinction with happy kids jumping in the air


Feeling isolated and alone, separated from Spirit, uncared for, and unloved comes from duplicity, which is a result of aligning with society instead of understanding the connection we are designed to have with Spirit. Come and join in the experience that Tom provides as he takes us through a process of removing ourselves from the locked in state of the third dimensional contractile delusion that life is terminal, to choosing the expansion reality of being one with Spirit, where life is eternal. As Tom takes us through the Awakening Expansion Protection we specifically perceive the various types of contractile energy that society and narcissism has projected on us, that we have unwittingly held onto, and that we have otherwise experienced. We see it removed in this process, as by our freewill determination we ask Spirit to decompress and expand these contractile energies.

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Listen to Tom and follow along, adding your voice with his  (33:22.5-52:21.1_2017-02-11)

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