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It is our great pleasure and honor to periodically thank you for your continued loyalty and support of Tom’s work in providing Spirit inspired healing. Thank you!


Spiritual Warrior Apprenticeship Program


$247.00 / month

Spiritual Warrior Apprenticeship Program - Subscription - Rev. Tom HudsonThis bundled product package is for those who are looking at spiritual growth as a steady continual devotion and long term pursuit to deepen and enrich one’s relationship to Spirit, with Inner Self, and in so doing embrace ALL the rest of CREATION and achieve the potential of their Divine Birth Right Life. The underlying idea in creating this package is to motivate and create consistency in your ongoing spiritual development.

  • The idea of the program is to use your sessions each month, but they may to some extent also be accumulated from month to month should that better suit your needs
  • Five session maximum rollover from one month to the next

The Spiritual Warrior Apprenticeship Program subscription includes:

  • Two private hour-long sessions with Tom ($594/mo)
    • focused on achieving higher states of awareness
    • enlightenment, and realization of one’s purpose
  • The subscription to the full Birth Rite Technology Membership package:  ($33/mo)
    • Access to Tom’s weekly, two hour, Group Healing Calls
    • BRT Membership Facebook Group Page Community
    • A full year of previously Recorded Group Healing Calls
    • 15% Discount off all retail priced products/services
    • VIP access to premium instructional programs led by Tom Hudson
    • VIP Special announcements and options to buy new products
      • introductory prices and special early notice,
  • Access to Tom’s daily devotional meditations  ($30/mo)
  • Bonus: Two Self-Heal Audio MP3s –  ($54-once)
    • Original Separation from Creator & All Contractile Energies
    • (download included with initial month subscription)

​The combined full retail monthly price of this subscription is $657. But, because this is a minimum of three months commitment, you’ll receive a 62% discount off retail “Introductory Price of $247/mo.”

Due to the deeply discounted rate, there can be no additional promotional discounts or coupons applicable for purchase of this subscription. I appreciate your understanding.


“Spiritual Warrior Apprenticeship Program™ Subscription”

I’m ready to take charge of my spiritual development


Bundled Package Pricing

23% – 73% Discount Based on Volume



These bundled session packages are for those who are price conscious and looking at spiritual growth as a steady continual evolution, or have an immediate dire need to get on the other side of a disastrous problem, because you just can’t put it off any longer.

This is my way to encourage a long term pursuit, deepening and enriching relationship to Spirit and with your Inner Self. In so doing, you’ll embrace ALL the rest of CREATION and evolve toward achieving the potential of your Divine Birth Right Life.


Bundle Your Session Purchase and SAVE


Break the SeeSaw Effect:

If you don’t invest enough time and effort in resolving a stubborn issue, it frequently comes back and can plague you for years. One of the main causes of project failure is underinvestment; the lack of funding to get the important jobs completed efficiently and then move on.

Going it alone without expert mentoring is another cause of project failure. Don’t skimp on your dreams. They’re important to your happiness and fulfillment.

Both causes of failure are resolved here with personal and business mentoring sessions at special discount pricing.


The Realization of Every Achievement Begins with the

Act of Commitment

Just get started by making your Quantum Shift


When you need support during the coming year, I’m happy to assist in resolving the stubborn patterns that prevent you from living in joy and pleasure and fulfilling your life’s purpose!

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