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It is our great pleasure and honor to periodically thank you for your continued loyalty and support of Tom’s work in providing Spirit inspired healing. Thank you!


Today is the launch of the 16th From Heartache to Joy Global Telesummit.


I’m proud of my past involvement in the work Eram is doing to bring Love, Light, Joy and Enlightenment to Humanity. Eram continues to push the boundaries and I love even more what she’s doing now. Thank you Eram Saeed and FHTJ Team.


Eram and From Heartache To Joy ROCK


Picture of Eram Saeed, a woman listening with headphones and illustrations of flowers and butterflies


A Message From Eram Saeed:


“FHTJ is a global healing community where heart centered conscious beings come together to heal self, each other and the planet. Thanks to your consistent and loving support, we have been helping these fine projects to help raise the light on our planet:

Education for the poor in Pakistan: A country where illiteracy is through the roof and human rights are non-existent, a child’s right to a decent education is only reserved for the rich.”

“FHTJ is a supporter in running this primary school where poor children were taken off the street and put into a school. And you have helped in changing the lives of these children by being our subscribers. Thank you! All we ask of you is to stay on with us and contribute spiritually and energetically to this cause, but you are free unsubscribe any time and withdraw from this contribution.”

“FHTJ is a supporter of battered women shelters in the Dallas TX area. We are announcing our new and exciting project to help these shelters soon and you can be a part of this wonderful project too just by being a part of this community!”

Thank you for all of your support of FHTJ & BRT over the years.


Divine Blessings,
Rev. Tom Hudson

Spiritual Warrior Apprenticeship Program


$247.00 / month

Spiritual Warrior Apprenticeship Program - Subscription - Rev. Tom HudsonThis bundled product package is for those who are looking at spiritual growth as a steady continual devotion and long term pursuit to deepen and enrich one’s relationship to Spirit, with Inner Self, and in so doing embrace ALL the rest of CREATION and achieve the potential of their Divine Birth Right Life. The underlying idea in creating this package is to motivate and create consistency in your ongoing spiritual development.

  • The idea of the program is to use your sessions each month, but they may to some extent also be accumulated from month to month should that better suit your needs
  • Five session maximum rollover from one month to the next

The Spiritual Warrior Apprenticeship Program subscription includes:

  • Two private hour-long sessions with Tom ($594/mo)
    • focused on achieving higher states of awareness
    • enlightenment, and realization of one’s purpose
  • The subscription to the full Birth Rite Technology Membership package:  ($33/mo)
    • Access to Tom’s weekly, two hour, Group Healing Calls
    • BRT Membership Facebook Group Page Community
    • A full year of previously Recorded Group Healing Calls
    • 15% Discount off all retail priced products/services
    • VIP access to premium instructional programs led by Tom Hudson
    • VIP Special announcements and options to buy new products
      • introductory prices and special early notice,
  • Access to Tom’s daily devotional meditations  ($30/mo)
  • Bonus: Two Self-Heal Audio MP3s –  ($54-once)
    • Original Separation from Creator & All Contractile Energies
    • (download included with initial month subscription)

​The combined full retail monthly price of this subscription is $657. But, because this is a minimum of three months commitment, you’ll receive a 62% discount off retail “Introductory Price of $247/mo.”

Due to the deeply discounted rate, there can be no additional promotional discounts or coupons applicable for purchase of this subscription. I appreciate your understanding.


“Spiritual Warrior Apprenticeship Program™ Subscription”

I’m ready to take charge of my spiritual development


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