Spiritual Warrior Descending - Rev. Tom Hudson

Hello Everyone. I’ve been hearing from some of my clients about very disturbing experiences of predatory spiritual abuse by people posing as healing facilitators who are coming from the teleseminar circuit.

I’m sorry to say that since spiritual healing has become an industry some have recognized it as little more than a business opportunity rather than the pursuit of their spiritual path to enlightenment.

There are people who are milking it for everything that can be squeezed out of it financially. The quality of healing facilitators being promoted is slipping drastically from when I entered almost three years ago in 2015.

It’s important to realize this and be aware. There are those who have NOT walked their own spiritual path for any length of time. There are some that have little or no potential for leading people toward enlightenment, but more likely into promotional illusion.

So, before you give away your authority to someone who sounds good because of all the miraculous benefits they claim, check within yourself. Feel how it affects your Divine Chakra.

Are their teachings in alignment with expansion? Does everything feel open and free and clear like when you do the Open & Heal My Divine Chakra Prayer?

If you don’t know of this, here’s a free PDF for you to experience it for yourself. https://goo.gl/XebkQ0

Or when you tune into their message is your Divine Chakra closed and contracted with a heavy sensation in your chest?

Ask Spirit for discernment before you jump into something that will lead you into contraction masquerading as enlightenment.

Divine Blessings,
Rev Tom Hudson