A Radiant Sphere of Light


In order to be who we freely are created to be, Tom asks Spirit to get rid of and expand all energy that keep us stuck, when we’re in a relationship with someone – so that our inner child can be nurtured instead of damaged.  It’s a willful avoidance through society’s programming and control, to keep us preoccupied with jealousy, envy, possessiveness and indolence, keeping us in fear and being controlled, instead of the beings as Spirit created us.  This is important, because we can get the benefits of living in the energy of radiance.  Society benefits along with us, as we raise our frequencies.  Come and bring your voice to add with Tom’s, as he brings out the energies of the expanded sphere of light.

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Listen to Tom and follow along, adding your voice with his  (38:11.2-54:34.0_2016-12-03)

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