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Take The Next Step Along Your Birth Right Life Path And Fulfillment of Your Purpose!

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In the process of growing up, becoming socialized to the cultural environment, family and community in which we live, we all become distracted; side tracked away from our higher purpose, our hearts’ desires, and the realization of our divinely ordained Birth Right Life™ potential.

This creates within us a gnawing angst; an awareness that our underlying purpose, our reason for being, has been discarded. We’ve turned away from the fulfillment of our essential self in order to fit in, align with the global human perception, a miasm of our human collective unconsciousness, which will never accept us as we were created to be. It is no wonder we have deep feelings of inadequacy; that we are not appreciated, devalued, invalidated, dismissed.

A comprehensive plan of action

Birth Rite Technology™ is a comprehensive plan of action that will guide you through the “RITE” of passage, starting from where ever you are along your path, to remind you of your higher purpose, to reconnect you with your hearts’ desire, and assist you in clearing away blocks that prevent you from fulfilling your divinely ordained birth “RIGHT” potential.

A cooperative synergism of powerful methods

Birth Rite Technology™ is a cooperative synergism of many powerful spiritual and personal growth methods and tools merged together through intuitive and divinely guided inspiration over the past twenty four years of my own life and alternative healing career experience.

Activation of “The Prosperity Principle”

I’ve witnessed over and over again, through implementation of Birth Rite Technology™ methods the activation of “The Prosperity Principle,” resulting in: return to Divine guidance, resolution of fear and angst, remembrance of one’s purpose, return of confidence and competence, the joy of realizing one’s hearts’ desires, and motivation to actively pursuing the realization of one’s “Birth Right Life Potential.”

We look forward to assisting you along your path in whatever way is appropriate for your process.

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Take The Next Step Along Your Birth Right Life Path And Fulfillment of Your Purpose!